Silversun Pickups with Foals and Joywave at the Myth 5/5/2016


3 bands that are hot on the alternative music scene stopped at the Myth yesterday, headlined by Silversun Pickups and supported by Foals and Joywave.

Fresh of the release of their new album “Swish” Joywave started the show. This was their third time in the cities in about a year and their show remained as lively and fun as ever. Singer Daniel Armbruster has a geeky vibe on stage that proves geeks can be rock stars. Their set had quite a few jokes from the banner (a reference to not headlining) to playing their current single Destruction twice at the end.
Set List: Now / Parade / Nice House / Bad Dreams / Somebody New / Tongues / Destruction 2x

Oxford UK band Foals was up next playing a full set and to me they were the surprise band of the night. Not having seen them before I was caught of guard by their intensity and the variation of the songs. Starting their set with a long instrumental intro into “Snake Oil” from their current album “What went down” they sounded a lot more rock than I expected. That blended well with their more pop themed songs and made the set a bit unpredictable (in a good way). The for last song, front man Yannis Philippakis went out for a bit of crow surfing bringing their set to a dramatic close.
Set List: Snake Oil / Olympic Airways / My Number / Providence / Spanish Sahara / Red Socks / Pugie / Birch Tree / Late Night / Mountain at My Gates / Inhaler / What Went Down

Silversun Pickups are not slouch in the stage presence department. Their feel was different from Foals with less drama. Brian Aubert moved all over the stage and bassist Nikki Monninger’s energy had her jumping through the whole set. The set list was heavy on their last release 2015’s “Better Nature” which is well known to alt radio listeners. Overall they played a great set that was well received by their fans.
Set List: Cradle (Better Nature) / Well Thought Out Twinkles / The Royal We / Nightlight / Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance) / The Pit / Little Lover’s So Polite / Friendly Fires / Latchkey Kids / Panic Switch / Ragamuffin / Lazy Eye Encore: Kissing Families / Dots and Dashes (Enough Already) / The Wild Kind