Cool Shows Next Week 1/15 – 1/21/2024


Thursday 1/18/2024
Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty at the Turf Club – TICKETS

Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty are a roots rock band based out of Rochester, MN. They recently released their sophomore album entitled, Positive Numbers. Clay draws his inspiration from classic American folk singers up to modern indie rock bands. The lineup is: Clay Fulton (he/him) on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Carly Hornstine (she/her) on vocal harmonies, Allan Palmer (he/him) on bass guitar, Mike Bentele (he/him) on lead guitar, Peter Laack (he/him) on keyboards, and Nick Novotny (he/him) on drums.

Friday 1/19/2024
FenixDion at the Turf Club – TICKETS

“We want to be the best thing that anybody has seen in the last 10 years,” says Keston Wright. After a year of incubating in the studio with his longtime musical collaborator, the drummer Sam Bramble, his eyes smolder with the thought of unleashing their new work on stage.

True to his word, Keston and Sam’s new band, FènixDion, has already made a bold entrance onto the Twin Cities music scene. One of their first shows ever was a warm-up slot in front of thousands at the Basilica Block Party in downtown Minneapolis, followed quickly by a more intimate, well-received club gig at Icehouse.

The live iteration of FenixDion includes a trio of axe slingers—Keston Wright on acoustic, Atom Lee and Mitchell Johnson on electric—radiating layers of guitar tones outward while the bassist Gavin Taylor, percussionist Nii Mensah, and drummer Sam Bramble propel the group forward with tight, funky beats. Together they create expansive, transportive, and radiant rock music that is reminiscent of greats like Lenny Kravitz, Beck, and Musicology-era Prince, but also stands on its own as a unique, exciting new addition to the kaleidoscopic Minneapolis music community.


Saturday 1/20/2024
Bachman-Turner Overdrive at Mystic Lake Casino – TICKETS

After many decades of selling over 40 million records worldwide, Bachman-Turner Overdrive is back in gear! Formed in 1973, the band has released six U.S. Top 40 singles, five Gold albums and one Platinum album in the U.S. Their third album, “Not Fragile,” reached No. 1 on the U.S. album charts. They remain popular today with three million monthly Spotify streams. Get ready to rock out to your favorite hits like “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet,” “Takin’ Care of Business” and “Let it Ride!”