Sir Chloe And Moon Kissed Welcome Me Back To The Turf Club


As I walked into the Turf Club last night, I realized that it had almost been 3 years since I had been here last. The place had been through a lot, shut down by COVID, set ablaze by rioters, doused liberally for 7 hours by its sprinkler system and restored by First Avenue. The renovations kept its character intact but gave us wood floors instead of tiles and some subtle upgrades.

Up first was a band that impressed me last fall at the Entry – NYC’s Moon Kissed. To me they embody what always has been great about the New York City art scene. Energetic, fearless and as their PR puts it “create their own community as they rise in the musical ranks”. Singer Khaya Cohen’s energy is infectious from warning people seated at tables in the back that she’s going to come out and dance with them to the fact that she (based on my 2 show statistical sample size) she has yet to meet a bar top that she can resist dancing on. Their songs are easy to like, don’t shy away from serious lyrics and tend to get stuck in my head. “Lost It” has become a favorite for me.

Sir Chloe gave us a change of pace and style. After the shutdown hiatus, the band went on tour opening for Alt-J and Portugal, The Man and got whatever groove they may have lost during the hiatus back in spades. Singer Dana Foote stage presence is quiet, almost introverted. Her voice floats through their music. I had listened to a few of their songs before the show, but was not prepared for the rest of the band. Performing live, the guitar section is much more prominent. Not sure if it was the venue or just their live style, bass and lead guitar absolutely shredded. At times I was reminded of Hole.

Set List: July / Untie You / Animal / Daddy’s Car / Mercy / Should I / Company / Michelle / Nothing Compares / Home Where / I Am The Dog / Sedona / Feel Again
Encore: Easy On You / Cake / Too Close