Primal Fear and Rhapsody at Mill City Nights on Wednesday, May 4th


Anyone looking for a great night of metal would have found what they were craving at Mill City Nights on Wednesday, May 4th!  Primal Fear and Rhapsody (of Fire) were scheduled to play and they really brought their all to the smaller crowd at Mill City.  While the attendance didn’t really shine for this show, the people that were there made sure to cheer extra loudly for both bands.

Primal Fear was up first, which surprised me considering I thought they were the headliner.  The bands must be switching out who goes first as this was a co-headlining tour.  The lead singer hit the high notes spectacularly and kept if going throughout the entire set without wavering.  They played a good variety of solid sounding songs and had a ton of energy on stage for the small crowd.  Primal Fear must have had a good time, because they said they were coming back to the Minnesota area.  Let’s hope they get a weekend show so they get the packed venue they deserve!  Check out the photos I took below!

Primal Fear

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Next up was Rhapsody or otherwise known as Rhapsody of Fire.  I believe they had to add the “On Fire” part due to some legal issues.  The singer’s Italian accent was noticeable when he was talking to the crowd in between the songs.  I had only known the few songs I found when preparing the preview article, but I really enjoyed what I heard.  They moved about the stage quite a bit to keep the crowd excited and singing along.  It was somewhat dark during the beginning of their set, but the third song had the lighting back up again.  Take a look at my photos below!


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It was obvious that everyone that came to Mill City for a great rock show got what they wanted!  They all had a great time watching, singing along, and rocking out!

Mill City Nights

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As always, get out and support live music and I’ll see you out there!