Roots Rock Deep Blues. Hook and Ladder Goes To 11 on July 16


The Hook hits year 11 with 2022’s Roots Rock and Deep Blues Festival in the Longfellow neighborhood.  Details and tickets can be found HERE.

I’ve written before that RRDB is my favorite summer festival for a number of years running.  They’ve got a Goldilocks formula down pat.  Not too big.  Not too small.  Just right.  It’s more than just a day chock full of great bands.  It’s the accessibility which makes things special.  The Hook and Ladder’s physical footprint limits everything so the three or four stages in use are easy to navigate.  Plus, you won’t be looking at some tiny figure from a quarter mile away. 

You get up close and personal because tickets are limited to a number that allows everybody to have a comfortable experience.  That includes reasonable ticket prices, great food and fair costs for beverages.  Most modern festivals are about profits.  RRDB has always been more about giving back to the community that supports it year round.

This year’s line up features some new headliners like Ultrabomb, the new project featuring Husker Du’s Greg Norton, as well as some tried and true fan favorites like Left Lane Cruiser, Cornbread Harris and Kent Burnside.  I’m particularly thrilled to catch up with Mood Swings, the current project of former BNLX’er Ashley Ackerson.  Whatever your taste, as long as it smacks as Americana, you’ll find it at Roots Rock.

Don’t snooze on this one.  It always sells out.  Not because they couldn’t stuff more fans into the block but because the good folks from The Hook want you to have the best time possible.  They must be doing something right.  Fans voted it the Best Festival in the Land of 10,000 Lakes last year.