Motion City Soundtrack Taking Over First Avenue 7/22 AND 7/23


Hometown pop-punk heroes Motion City Soundtrack will be taking over the First Avenue Mainroom on both Friday, July 22nd and Saturday, July 23rd aspart of their Commit This To Memory 17 Year Anniversary Tour!

Does Motion City Soundtrack even need a bio here? I mean, you know their sound, you know Justin’s hair– let’s just leave it at this– their set at both of these shows is going to have you singing like your life depends on it while getting completely lost in a cloud of nostalgic perfection!

Joining MCS will be All Get Out. Seven years after their first album came out, All Get Out have taken their share of licks, and spent years honing their craft. The songs on No Bouquet are without doubt their best yet, each unfolding a little more on repeated listen. Still, the duo at the band’s core remains humble, aware that things could disappear at any moment. As Nathan himself sings, they’re no bouquet–just a single rose. But a rose coming into full bloom before our eyes. In the wilderness, it only happens two weeks a year. But on the verdant No Bouquet, All Get Out make roses bloom on command.

Kicking things off both nights will be Neil Rubenstein. Neil Rubenstein is a burly, tattooed guy who plays against type; kind, cerebral, but still casually mentions past illegal activities (running a poker room, owning a brothel, etc.) the way one might reference a Renaissance Lit course you took in college.

July 22nd is sold out but tickets for the Saturday show are still available HERE!