Useful Jenkins @ First Avenue 4/11/15


Article by: Colton Davis Photos by: Markus Akre

Rather than taking a classic or modern approach to bluegrass, Useful Jenkins took the jam band route. It was a likable and friendly sound that attracted an audience of all ages.
Featuring a sorrowful violin and a heavy mandolin Useful Jenkins had conflicted tones that gave an interesting sense of life and experience. Many of the choruses were sung by the entire stage and the audience, which produced smiles all around. This show was easygoing and fun, shoes were not mandatory and an artist was at the back of the stage illustrating on a large blank canvas. It was an inviting atmosphere that didn’t make you forget your problems, but let you reminisce on hardships and how they have shaped you. Bluegrass awakens something in people that many other genres do not.
All night there were smiles and laughter. Contagious friendliness and warmth was brought to First Ave. As an encore the audience was treated to a “super jam” with Horseshoes & Handgrenades. The bands brought the whole barn downtown and the crowd shook the dust from the floorboards with their infectious stomps.

Useful Jenkins Web Site

Set List

Waiting to Die
Easy Feeling
Fill Me Up
Thank You for Me (dave)
Take a Minute
Poor Man’s Blues
New Day
Forward Motion
Festival Express
Land Mines
There’s a Place
Learning Curve
The Game
Restless and Willing
Left Hand

Super Jam w/ Horseshoes
Rod’s Tune
This Life
Fly me to the moon
Swing low


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