Drive By Truckers Pull Into Utepils Live July 20


One of America’s legendary touring bands is coming to Utepils Brewing in Minneapolis on July 20.  This show is currently SOLD OUT. You can check back for late ticket release and details HERE.

Covid may have slowed DBT down a bit but a new partnership between Utepils and Sue McLean has put together a three dynamite shows in Minneapolis.  This one is the centerpiece, literally and figuratively.  A couple years ago Rolling Stone tabbed the band “America’s Greatest Road Warriors”.  High praise for a band that spent over a decade playing over 200 gigs per year.  They aren’t just rock shows.  Trucker concerts are unscripted, sweat drenched, rock and roll Bacchanalias.

I still remember two teenage sons emerging from the Mainroom floor many years ago.  Eyes wide and saying “Okay.  Now I get it!”

If you’re one of the lucky ones with tickets in hand, have fun.  If you’re on the outside looking in, don’t give up quite yet.  And if you don’t make it to this one, don’t fret it too much.  After all, Drive By Truckers show no signs of slowing down any time soon.