LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Dirtball Deluxe Hits Legends in St Cloud For a 2-Night Stand — 11/7/2015



Twin Cities Media caught-up with Dirtball Deluxe on their last night of a 2-night stand at Legends Bar in St Cloud. The band is currently laying down tracks in the studio for their upcoming album (sorry, no title yet). However, Friday and Saturday night were all about the live show … and the sweet Classic Rock sound was just what those in attendance were there to hear. Just a couple of songs into their set and the dance floor was getting a full work out.

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About Dirtball Deluxe …

Dirtball Deluxe was born in a garage while talking shop over a muscle car, and it cut it’s teeth rehearsing in a chrome cantina surrounded by motorcycles, engines, and trucks. They’ve taken that raw power approach, and turned it into a live show. While it’s gigging life started as a pure country band, the group has evolved by adding members and material each with their own influences and style. Seeing and hearing them now takes you across many genres, from Traditonal Country, Classic Rock, to Oldies, Southern Rock, Modern Country, Pop, and a few Hard Rock songs for good measure. Their versatility ensures a good time is had by all who attend their events. They’ve got a rhythm and bruise style that puts an edge and grit to everything they do.

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