Great Good Fine Ok and Tigertown pack The Entry


Glowsticks? Check. Flashing neon lights? Check. Glittery jacket? Check. Blaring synth-driven dance pop? Check.

These are the ingredients for a great night, maybe even a good night, potentially even a fine night, but anything but an ok night. Sorry – only Great Good Fine Ok pun I’ll make it this post.

If there’s one thing Brooklyn-based duo Great Good Fine Ok know how to do, it’s how to put on one hell of a live show. They know how turn a venue into their own, personal dance party. They know how to make a show feel like it’s the first, the last, the only stop on their tour. In short – they know how to do Friday nights.

GGFO’s show at 7th Street Entry was the duo’s second time in Minneapolis this year, but they brought a fresh intensity to their set from their previous stop in our frigid Twin Cities (did we mention it’s frigid here, because it is). GGFO’s are know from their shimmering, synth-pop tracks, their electric lives shows, but last night in Minneapolis – they punched it up to the next level.

GGFO’s Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman showed they are not resting on their laurels. This may be their second time this year touring their seven song album/ep (what are we calling a 7-track release these days, I don’t know), III, but there is no sense of apathy from these two. Sandler and Moellman seem to be pushing themselves to the limit on their live shows – making it bigger, louder, brighter and dancier. This stop in Minneapolis was just that – louder, brighter, even a bit poppier than their previous stop. It was refreshing to see these guys pushing those limits and delivering one hell of a set.

Their roughly hour long set featured every track off III including the infectiously catchy Take It or Leave It and Holding You as well as a few unreleased tracks – making us think there is a new album in the works.

GGFO also had plenty of love for Minneapolis, “this might honestly be one of our favorite cities,” lead vocalist Jon Sandler said. And Minneapolis had plenty of love for Great Good Fine Ok too. There wasn’t a body not dancing at the Entry last night. It was glow-stick, glitter jacket, booming synth filled evening, and honestly exactly how you want to kick off your weekend.

Opening up the evening was a group we’ve found ourselves absolutely obsessing over here at Twin Cities Media – Sydney, Australia-based Tigertown. This was also Tigertown’s second stop in Minneapolis this year – last time opening for Vérité. My fellow writer (and one of my best friends) had the opportunity to cover them and has been raving about them ever since. Coming from someone who spends the majority of her nights covering local metal shows – I was intrigued by Tigertown to say the least. To say they lived up to her hype last night would be an understatement.

I found myself absolutely blown away by Tigertown – specifically frontwoman Charlie Collins. Rocking a 1974 Bowie t-shirt, she oozed cool girl vibes. She seems like the kind of girl you honestly wish you were best friends. Other than her kickass outfit (SORRY for being that writer right now, obsessing over outfits), Charlie Collins is one hell of a vocalist. Her vocals are near flawless, mixed with their synth-driven sound, the result is perfect, shiny pop that you can’t help but dance too.

There’s an undeniable chemistry among Tigertown, which makes sense considering they are nothing less than a family affair. According to, “These five are family – try to keep up – co-lead vocalist Charlie and drummer Kurt are siblings as are co-lead vocalist Chris, bassist Elodie and key-player Alexi, but bringing the families together is the marriage between the united front of Chris and Charlie.” This family dynamic is infectious to watch live, making you wish you started a band with your sibling and your friends.

Tigertown will be on repeat for the next few months here at Twin Cities Media, and we highly recommend you do the same. Be sure to keep your eye on these guys for the next time they swing through the Twin Cities!