Vérité and Tigertown Turn A Terrible Day Into A Beautiful Night


My photographer friend was the one who told me I had to go to last night’s Vérité show. I obliged thinking it would be a good girls night and we could turn the concert into a couple of drinks, some dinner and make it a whole thing. Unfortunately, she had some things pop up and could no longer make it to the show. I would be lying if I said I was stoked to go. Knowing the music wasn’t really my thing and, after a terrible day at my day job, I really just wanted to sit at home while binge watching more Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown while stuffing my face with pizza. I pulled myself off the couch, got in my car and headed downtown all the while dreaming of an early bedtime.

When I got inside 7th Street Entry, the weight of the terrible work day instantly lifted and I found myself excited for the unknown. A concert, regardless of what one, was exactly what I needed after my day. I claimed my spot in the back corner, scrolled through Facebook and waited for what was to come.

The first band to take the stage was Tigertown from Australia. This alternative pop’s infectiously catchy up beat anthems were more than enough to have me happy that I left my apartment. Their music made you want to dance and singer Charlie Collin’s smile was nothing short of infectious. The energy was just so positive throughout their set that you couldn’t help but smile throughout all of it. That mixed with the get up and dance mentality had the dark basement-like venue feeling more like sunny Australia. With 2 Aussie bands playing First Ave’s mainroom 3 out of 4 bands in the building last night were from Australia. Given their population of only 24 million, down under is sure turning into a musical powerhouse.

Last night’s show was Tigertown’s first appearance in Minneapolis. Judging by the way the crowd was reacting and the numerous ‘thank you’s’ that the band was giving away, it will not be their last. Sure, I didn’t have a very optimistic view on what my night was going to be like but when Tigertown’s short set came to an end, I felt a tinge of disappointment only because I didn’t want it to end. Expect big things from this band in the very near future, they may not be a household name yet and they may not have been the reason last night’s show sold out but pretty soon they are going to be everything to everyone in this scene.

There were only two bands last night and it was clear that the reason the show had sold out prior to last night was because of the headliner- Vérité. Born Kelsey Byrne and based in Brooklyn, New York, Vérité is a 27 year old who has completely taken the indie-pop scene by storm. To say that her name has been lighting up blogs across the internet would be an understatement and, with a couple of visits to the Twin Cities in the past couple of years, it’s easy to say that she is definitely a favorite among the scene here.

Vérité’s music, much like Tigertown, is upbeat and makes you want to get up and move around but it had a much more serious tone to it. Her voice packs a punch while still remaining beautifully calm and delicate. The stage was filled by Kelsey, a drummer, and then a keyboardist but it was impossible to take your eyes off of the beautiful songstress. Musically, the two other men on stage really did add a little twinkle to the music but it was Kelsey’s voice that shined as bright as the lights shining from behind her.

Although Kelsey is quickly gaining popularity and fame to the point where it feels as if she is going to hit a huge break in a matter of days or weeks instead of years, there was a sense of “every day” about her. She seemed more than appreciative of the way the crowd was singing and dancing along to every word she sang and she wasn’t afraid to let the music move her as it was doing to the crowd. She came off as a truly genuine person and that added a whole other layer to the music. Between the extremely beautiful vocals, her positive aura, and the great music– I left last night’s show as a fan of Vérité.

I could have stayed at home last night feeling sorry for myself and the crappy day that I had. Instead- I headed to a show I knew nothing about and ended up having a great freaking time.

Live music is a powerful drug– I dare you to try it.