Great Good Fine Ok + Flor at 7th Street Entry


It might have been Friday the 13th but it was nothing but good vibes at The Entry for Flor and Great Good Fine Ok. The show this weekend at tiny but iconic 7th Street Entry was sold out which always makes for a great night. The energy in the room was high, the drinks were flowing (two cash registers open at the bar as opposed to the normal one), and everyone was just out to have a good time and warm up on a frigid January night in the Twin Cities.

Kicking off the evening was Los Angeles based Flor – a band that has been generating a decent amount of buzz here over the last couple months. “We’re from Los Angeles,” frontman Zach Grace, “which is um, a little bit warmer than this.” As someone who spent the last six years living in Southern California I shared his sentiment. But Grace and Flor embraced Minneapolis, giving the Entry a set to remember. Their set was polished and poppy from start to finish but you couldn’t help but dance along. Flor powered through their set despite what seemed like a few technical difficulties on the AV end. “Our drummer has an earpiece in his ear, and there’s a clicking,” Grace said. The band joked “MORE CLICKING, can you turn up the clicking?” They smiled, laughed and played their way through the set. Zach Grace is an absolute engaging frontman switching between keys and guitar with his vocals. He is bubbly, warm and smiley – the crowd ate up every bit of it. They closed out their set with a stand out track from their debut EP “Hold On.” Stay tuned because if last nights performance was any indicator, we will be seeing a lot more from Flor this year.

Headlining the evening of course was Great Good Fine Ok, hailing from Brooklyn – so no strangers to the cold. Great Good Fine Ok took to the stage shortly after 10:15 and played through a roughly hour long set like the kings they are. Frontman Jon Sandler graced the stage as the reincarnation of Michael Jackson in his sparkle sport coat which the crowd lost their shit over. “I need that jacket, seriously I need that jacket,” this girl said to her friend. “I would look SO good in that jacket, seriously. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT JACKET,” she continued loudly. Honestly – the love that jacket was getting last night from the crowd (and rightly so), I started to think the sparkle jacket was the 5th member of Great Good Fine Ok. Oh, and rounding out Sander’s look was light up sneakers. I don’t think anyone intended Great Good Fine Ok’s set would provide so much fashion inspiration.

Great Good Fine Ok just dropped an EP (III) ahead of this tour, so their set was mainly songs off that EP – tracks including Get Away, Holding You, and Thinking. A crowd favorite was Take It Or Leave It which is a banger through and through. III has been on heavy rotation since their ep dropped earlier this month, so it was fun to get to see them absolutely nail every track live. The sound at The Entry is not always ideal, but again it’s the Entry. It was cool to see Great Good Fine Ok in this intimate setting because we have a feeling the next time these dudes grace Minneapolis it’ll be at a much larger venue.

“We have always loved Minneapolis, but it’s just become more and more special to us, and this song reminds of here,” Sandler said before launching into Always. And from last night, it seems Minneapolis loves Great Good Fine Ok too.