2017 Twin Cities Music Photographer Showcase – Day 3


Once again we asked the community of music photographers in the Twin Cites and Minnesota to share their favorite photographs taken in the last year.  Here is the third group – be sure to check TCM for the rest of the great talent we have in MN.

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Andy Witchger

Andy started out taking pictures of wildlife, but soon realized it’s easier to photograph someone who’s standing still on a stage. When not at concerts, he’s usually begging his students to do their homework or wandering the North Shore. You can find his work in CityPages, Fast Company, MLS.com, First-Avenue.com, and on his mom’s refrigerator.

Instagram and Twitter

Jeremy Larsen 

Based in Mankato, Jeremy is a long time contributor to TCM and also is the house photographer for the Verizon Wireless Center. His website can be found HERE

1 on the list is this shot of Dustin Lynch at Verizon Center.  I feel this photo shows how a concert photographers job is half knowledge and half luck.  If I hadn’t been on the side of the stage I was on, this shot never would have happened, (the luck part), but knowing the lights were going to pop on and adjusting my settings accordingly is what makes this shot my top choice!

Second on the list is Tom Petty during his show at Xcel Energy Center.  It was an honor and a privilege to photograph this legend in the music world.  I only wish I could photograph him again.

The number 3 photo makes the list because of the mood of the photo, taken of Nita Strauss playing for Alice Cooper at Vetter Stone Amphitheater.  She is looking off to her right, the guitar is in an interesting position, and everything else in the photo draws me in and makes me want to know more about what is happening.  The story of this photo is what I feel brings it into my top 5.

The number 4 spot goes to Papa Roach at Northern Invasion.  This close-up was one of my favorites during the festival!

Finally, number 5 is of Lacey Sturm at The Cabooze.  Not only did I get to photograph her amazing show, I also got the chance to interview her before the show!  She is an amazing person!

Jason Kokal

I’m Jason Kokal, a local freelance photographer specializing in landscape and event photography. I got into shooting live music while I was living and playing in bands in Duluth about 10 years ago. My website is HERE

My favorite Images:

Dumpster Juice at the Dale Nelson birthday bash at the Eagles back in February. Can’t beat those year-round Christmas lights for a background!
Al Sparhawk doing his one man dub set at the Turf during the Duluth Homegrown Spring Sampler. What can I say? Al’s the man!
The Ball Slashers at The Rex Bar…Duluth Homegrown Music Festival. Great Duluth band. The singer, Jason, has a cooler with a theremin taped to the top. The cooler was filled with 8oz. cans of Miller High Life which he proceeded to drink and hand generously to the crowd.
The Life & Times at the Triple Rock in July. My favorite band. Was fun putting this trying pic together.

Tony Nelson

Tony Nelson specializes in portraiture and documentary style photography. Although music, especially the world of Rock & Roll continues to be his favorite subject matter he enjoys photographing all kinds of people, places and things. Clients include Star Tribune, CityPages, GO96, Xcel Energy Center and many more. His website is HERE.

Ask me my favorites from the year again tomorrow and I’ll give you five others but, today, I’m going for a couple old favorites that stopped into Xcel – Queen + Adam Lambert and Tom Petty for a show we didn’t know would be a farewell, a couple locals that have gone national – Communist Daughter in the gorgeous Central Presbyterian church in Austin, TX and Lizzo who was everywhere and unstoppable at this year’s SXSW. Lastly, Benjamin Cartel with guitarist Mike Cohen playing in my new favorite venue – my back yard! We got interested in the house concert scene and, while the house is a little small, have made the yard concert an annual tradition now and brought them in to headline this year for as many people as we can fit. And there’s no 3 song limit!!

Vito Ingerto

Hi y’all. I’m Vito Ingerto a happy member of the TCM collective. I’m a father, photographer and 60% water. I love color, though it can be challenging to achieve colorful photographs in the dimly lit rooms we typically shoot. Here are a few of my favorites from 2017. Please check out my Insta @vwitnessed or my website 






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