2017 Twin Cities Music Photographer Showcase – Day 5


Once again we asked the community of music photographers in the Twin Cites and Minnesota to share their favorite photographs taken in the last year.  Here is the last group – be sure to check the other days for the great talent we have in MN.

We would like to thank all photographers to shared their work with us. See you in the pit!

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Andrew Dobin

Andrew joined the TCM team in 2017. You can find his work on Instagram.  2017 was my first full year in the pit photographing concerts, and the number of shows I had the privilege to see was astounding when I look back on it. But, a few stood out from the rest for one reason or another so here it goes!

Chance the Rapper at Xcel Energy Center – Chance is a self made icon of the rap world now. But that wasn’t always the case which is where my intrigue with him began. It wasn’t until I got my first chance to photograph a show at the Xcel that I truly understood the weight of what he had accomplished.

Chris Stapleton at AMSOIL Arena – Two hour drive after a full day of work for a show that begins at 8 and you’ll be home no earlier than midnight? Sure! That’s what happened when I found out Stapleton was making a stop in Duluth before he came back in the fall of 2017, which I was sure to go see as well. Stapleton is a rarity it seems in main stream music. A truly down to earth no BS type musician and song writer and his cover of a George Jones track didn’t hurt at all. I still have images from this show I wish I’d noticed previously to publish. 

Odesza at MYTH Live – This one was not my normal show choice to say the least. Generally I would rather be in the crowd than witnessing through a lens the wonder that is an EDM show. But ODESZA was truly mind blowing and the sensory over load was something that took me a few hours to digest before my nerves settled.  

Tash Sultana at Cedar Cultural Center – Her live set was all I had hoped while waiting for her to make it to Minneapolis and I think she may have been my most anticipated show to date. The images in and of themselves don’t seem striking. But when you realize it was just her on that stage lost in her own world I feel it adds something unique and my favorite images are of artists lost in their own moment on stage. 

Macklemore at Palace Theatre – Seeing him make his stop in Minneapolis after releasing his recent hit Good Ole Days was all to perfect. Hearing the audience wait for the line “In a small club in Minnesota, in the snow outside First Ave…” was incredible.

Billy Briggs

Billy Briggs, Freelance Photographer 2005-Present.
Current contributor to: GlideMagazine.com, CityPages.com and ConcertCommunicator.com.

Link to my photos: Flickr and Instagram

My favorite shows and photos from 2017 are:

1. At The Drive In @ Palace Theater, 6.17.17
2. Katy Perry @ Xcel Energy Center, 12.1.17
3. Patty Smith @ Northrup Auditorium, 3.8.17
4. St. Vincent @ Palace Theater, 11.18.17
5. Tom Petty @ Xcel Energy Center, 6.3.17

Chad Rieder (photo by Matt Beshear)

Shooting Foo Fighters was easily my biggest music photography highlight of 2017. Dave Grohl has inspired me for years, and it was such a joy to finally photograph him and the band. Other highlights of 2017 include capturing Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian rocking a keytar, Sarah Barthel of Phantogram playing an epic show during the grand re-opening of the Palace Theatre, Greensky Bluegrass lighting up that same venue weeks later, and Japandroids jumping through First Avenue on Valentine’s Day. Check out my website and instagram and cheers to a new year!

Darin Kamnetz

Darin is a Minneapolis-based freelance photographer who’s clients include GoMN.com, City Pages, Red Bull Sound Select, and VICE among others. His web site is Darin Kamnetz Photography
Favorite shots:
-Rick Ross at Target Center (opening for the no-show Lil Wayne)
-Liam Gallagher at First Ave
-Chance the Rapper at Xcel
-Future Islands at First Ave
-Bono of U2 at US Bank Stadium

Patrick Dunn

Concert Photographer and Editor for www.concertcommunicator.com
Ten years into photographing Rock Stars, it’s still all about the music for me. I have much respect and appreciation for all the great photog’s currently covering our thriving Twin Cities music scene.
You can’t always cover everything at a live music festival and Fozzy was a gamble at Northern Invasion that paid off. Although there were many great shows with ties to Prince this past year, my favorite included standout Judith Hill at Dakota Jazz Club. Jumping pictures are some of my favorite to capture and Anti-Flag was a great subject at Van’s Warped Tour. Growing up with a brother who’s a drummer was the inspiration behind covering legendary ELP drummer Carl Palmer, a great show at Dakota Jazz Club. It’s always special to catch an artist who’s on the brink of breaking out, which was the case with Chris Janson on the Leinie Lodge stage at the Minnesota State Fair.

Markus Akre

A founding partner in TCM, Markus is the editor for all our contributors which has taken up some of the time in his beloved pit, but he still managed to cover almost 100 shows in 2017. His web site is HERE.

For my favorite images this year I picked the process of how I got the picture as well as the subject.

Hairball at Myth Live – An absolute blast of a show (Hairball is a Metal Tribute Band) this show had explosions, motor bikes, leg kicks and I kept shooting with a grin on my face. I loved my Tamron 15-30 2.8 in those situations. I can get a super wide shot without gimmicky distortion.

Ike Reilly at The Icehouse – This picture represents what I call a signature shot. Photographers find their favorite spots for each venue and this is mine at The Icehouse. Pretty much every artist I have covered there has a similar picture. I love the warm lights in the background and the great lights at the venue allow for good color correction.

Lady Gaga at the Xcel – No professional photographers allowed. Since I had a reviewer ticket, I was able to bring a harmless looking small camera with me that did not break venue rules. A lot more effort and wasted shots than my pro-gear but I was happy with the results and TCM got exclusive pics of her performance.

Lights at the Skyway – Her tour bus broke down twice in one day, so they packed her, her guitar player and 2 boxes of merch on a plane and an impromptu acoustic  set was one my most beautiful lit experiences of the year.

Tigertown at the Entry – I was shooting in the Mainroom with overlapping set times  and had to fill in for a sick photographer at the Entry. A sold out show made for a packed room and I had only 2 minutes to capture them. For as rushed as I was, I really loved the shots I was able to get.








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