The 69 Eyes Match A Dark Winter Night At The Fine Line


Last night’s bill at the Fine Line could be summed up with a variation of the headliner’s “Hell has no Mercy” tour name – a steep descent into hell – in a good way of course :). Finland’s The 69 Eyes have been practicing their dark craft for over 30 years and brought some capable disciples with them. The range of bands attracted a variety of fans from grizzled old rockers, to a younger crowd and for some reason – one guy in an epic Spice Girls Jacket with LED lights……..

First up was The Crowned from Texas. How do I know they were from Texas? Much like Vegans (and Bavarians in Germany) Texans will not be shy about mentioning that little fact about them. And The Crowned sure did – “Do you like Texas Metal music? Good, cause that’s all we brought!” Their set was short but they went full blast from the moment they got on stage and even Sandy, the blow up doll went crowd surfing. 


Next up was Sumo Cyco, a Canadian band who music tosses concepts like music genres aside and combined they best of those with an energetic stage presence to bring an experience that hits like a tsunami. Lead singer Sever performed part of a song from the crowd.


The mood changed quite a bit with Wednesday 13’s set. The crowd in front of the stage changed and packed in more tightly. UV lights brought out the neon colors liberally slathered all over the performers and Joseph Michael Poole the artist behind Wednesday 13 brought a range of props from a top hat to a severed head. The vibe got more dramatic and industrial.


Headliner The 69 Eyes took to the stage in matching skeleton leather jackets, except for the drummer who provided his own skin and ribs. Clearly a band from Finland it not impressed with the single digit temperatures of a Minnesota Winter. My first impression was singer Jyrki 69 deep resonating voice that gave their set a unique quality. Fans in the crowd were clearly into the set and it seemed the long wait since their last Twin Cities show (2006 also at the Fine Line) was well worth if for the audience.

Set List: Two Horns Up / Never Say Die / Black Orchid / Perfect Skin / Betty Blue / Borderline / Hell Has No Marcy / Crashing High / The Chair / Cheyenna / Wasting The Dawn / 27 & Done / Feel Berlin / Brandon Lee

Encore: Framed In Blood / Dance D’amour / Lost Boys