Minnesota Roller Derby Will Duke It Out At Roy Wilkins During The Semi-Finals 2/15


Want somebody to shove? Need somebody to shove? Skip the Soul Asylum concert and come to Roy Wilkins to watch the Minnesota Roller Derby duke it out during the Semi-Finals February 15th. Call it the perfect valentines date, or maybe just some regular old rambunctious Saturday evening entertainment — The Roller Derby will be a fun, in your face event for anyone who comes out to watch.

In case you’re out of the loop, roller derby is a fast-paced, full-contact sport played on quad roller skates. Each game is two, 30-minute periods composed of two minute plays, or “jams.” Each team starts with four skaters playing defense (“blockers”) and one player playing offense (“jammer”).The jammer must pass each opposing blocker upright and in-bounds in order to make a legal lap. The first jammer to make it past the group of blockers (the “pack”) on their initial lap is designated as “lead jammer,” and has the power to stop the jam before two minutes are up. After the initial lap, jammers accumulate one point for every opposing blocker they pass.

Skaters may not hit other skaters with their hands, head, or feet. Additionally, skaters may not hit others in the head, back, or feet. Doing often times leads to a penalty. Penalties are common and happen without game stoppage. Players report to the penalty box for a 30 second penalty during gameplay, then return to gameplay. However, skaters may only accrue 7 during the game, or they will foul out. Skating officials and non-skating officials monitor the game from both the inside and outside of the track to ensure safety and fairness. 

If you are interested in getting tickets for this event, you may do so HERE.

Halftime entertainment will include a set from equally loud and rowdy Twin Cities based band The Shackletons. Included in City Pages “Poised to Pop: Minnesota bands to watch in 2020”, The Shackletons will provide the audience with a healthy dose of floor stomping, no-nonsense rock and roll.