Secret Someones at the Northtrop – 6/23/2015


I first saw Secret Someones a few months ago when they played the Varsity and their song “I won’t follow ” has been stuck in my head since. So when I found out they would be in town opening for Ingrid Michaelson I made sure to catch their set.
Hailing from NYC they consist of
Bess Rogers – Guitar
Lelia Broussard – Bass
Hannah Winkler – Keyboard & Guitar
Zach Jones – Drums
Ingrid Michaelson once said about them: “They’re like Weezer, but with boobies.” Well, I like Weezer as much as the next guy!
Their set started with some technical problems with an amp but that did not faze the band. They chatted with the audience, and compared the moment to a scene from the movie “that thing you do” and assure the audience that they “Eventually produce sound”. The promise was fulfilled a couple of minutes later when the set kicked off with “I won’t follow ” quickly engaging the audience.

With 3 talented vocalists fronting the band they switch lead vocals within songs and also create great harmonies. Secret Someones’ songs are catchy without being generic or shallow and I will be there when they return to the Twin Cities.

Set List:
I Won’t Follow
Let You Go
Hey Hey Honey
Chase Your Shadow

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