There Was Nothing Taboo About Denzel Curry’s Performance At First Avenue


The night was full of energy, crowd surfing and bass heavy hip-hop beats as the Taboo Tour touched down at First Avenue. The fast spitting South Florida native, Denzel Curry put on one hell of a show with Kid Trunks.

Kid Trunks opened with “Take A Step Back” a banger from Ski Mask The Slump God. It immediately got the crowd hyped and ready for more. Soon after the rapper was on the balcony being held by his legs up-side-down. Kid Trunks also had a mellower side as he took it down a notch with a couple of slower tempo songs. He also paid homage to the late rapper, XXX-TENTACION. His set lasted about 20 minutes but was packed with energy and emotion. 

The crowd chanted ULT as they eagerly waited for Curry to step on stage. As the rapper slowly walked out he cleansed the air with a giant sage bundle. He opened with TABOO | TA13OO, a jazzy, slow tempo song off of his newest album, TABOO. He kept the First Act of his performance pretty mellow as he eased the crowd into the set. 

Once the Second Act began the energy level rose at First Avenue. Denzel performed classics like Ultimate and new bangers like Super Saiyon Superman. The crowd’s vibe was similar to a punk show as the rapper encouraged a mosh pit. 

The set ended with a fiery Third Act where Denzel also paid homage to the late rapper, XXX-TENTACION and Trayvon Martin who was fatally shot in Florida in 2012. Denzel connected to the crowd on so many levels. Before he could make his way off stage the crowd demanded an encore. Curry ended the night with Threatz an oldie but a goodie. 

If Denzel Curry is a representation for the new school of hip-hop I think I am liking where things are headed.