The Score and Castlecomer cure the winter blues at 7th Street Entry


The depths of winter are upon us in the Twin Cities. Sure – the national spotlight is shining our humble city as we prepare to play host to what is perhaps the biggest event in professional sports – the Super Bowl, in a few short months, but the truth of the matter is…winter can be depressing as hell around the Twin Cities. Even with the tantalizing, star-studded Super Bowl lineup on the bleak, winter horizon. With shows slowing down for the holiday season I’ve found myself in a bit of lull, out of my normal coverage grind. I’ve found myself doing things such as, but not limited to, yoga, cleaning my apartment, meal prepping (which is apparently a thing people do) and attending Trivia nights at The Bulldog. I’d been missing the show grind of a “music journalist” (if that is what I can call myself), but The Score and Castlecomer swung through Minneapolis in just enough time to pull me out of the montony of winter hibernation that was slowly encroaching upon me.

Opening up the evening at The Entry was Sydney, Australia-based Castlecomer. I like much of the crowd, was smitten with not only the Australian accents but Castlecomer’s infectiously catchy, guitar-driven, pop sound. The past couples years seems to have been a moment for Australian bands in a big way, at least for us here at Twin Cities Media. We’ve covered everyone from Middle Kids and Tigertown to Hockey Dad and Dune Rats to POND and Tash Sultana and we’ve loved every minute of it. We can now officially add Castlecomer to that list. Castlecomer’s live sound has that anthemic quality, songs you want to put on at a house party with friends and blast way louder than should. And according to a few people I talked to in between sets’ the five gentlemen (2 brothers, 2 cousins and a best friend), who make up Castlecomer were quite the characters on stage and the Entry loved every minute of it. We hope to see Castlecomer back in the Twin Cities very soon!

Headlining the night was Los Angeles-based two piece, The Score. This duo is made up of Eddie Anthony (vocals, guitar) and Edan Dover (keyboard and producer) and got their start in New York City before relocating to Los Angeles. The Score is a name I’ve seen swirling around the internet in recent months and after witnessing their live set, it’s evident why. The Score has a sound that can really only be described as stadium-ready. Their big, rocky, anthemic sound is reminiscent of the likes of Imagine Dragons, Kings of Leon, or Atlas Genius. It’s a sound that is ready for the radio and I have no doubt to them playing venues much larger than 7th Street very soon. The Score has already racked up some pretty impressive streams on Spotify thanks to their songs being featured in everything from popular YouTube channels, international commercials and blockbuster movies. The Score commanded the crowd in a way I really haven’t seen from a band in a while. They had the fairly young crowd at the Entry singing and dancing along to song after song. Their set featured songs heavily from their debut album Atlas due out now on Republic Records. Like Castlecomer – we really hope to see these guys back in our frozen tundra very soon.