Dune Rats/ DZ Deathrays/ Danger Signs Keep Crowd Chill at Entry


Wednesday night’s show started off with a bang as local opener Danger Signs took the stage. The amount of energy these guys had as an opening act was jaw dropping. There weren’t many people at the show that early in the night but these guys played like the place was damn near sold out. Their singer seemed to have had one too many Red Bulls before taking the stage and truly couldn’t stand still. The music matched the energy coming off of the stage. It was fast, dirty and fun. It was the punch of energy that I crave from opening acts. The type of energy that makes you excited to be at the show you’re at no matter how exhausted and crabby you are.

Danger Signs only played for twenty minutes. It was, by far, one of the shortest opening sets I’ve seen in awhile but, with that being said, it packed a bigger punch than 99% of the other opening bands I get to see night after night. I was recently interviewed for Ritual Madness Podcast (check it out here: Ritual Madness Podcast) and was asked what I look for in a band or what keeps me coming back to shows and getting there early enough to check out locals and openers. What Danger Signs did last night is a prime example of what I look for in opening acts. They didn’t care that it was a damn near empty show (although it started filling in a bit towards the end of their set), they got out there and played their hearts out. That’s what keep me going to shows and getting there on time to see every band on the bill.

DZ Deathrays was the next band to hit the stage. This Australian dance-punk trio (they are actually a duo but they tour with an extra guitarist so I’m calling them a trio) was the perfect follow-up group to Danger Signs. They kept the energy high but also brought the chill of the Australian surf with them. Their music leaned more towards the dance-pop side of things but still kept a very punk feeling to it. The chemistry between band members seemed effortless as they trucked through a forty-five minute set with very little down time in between songs. 

People in the crowd were dancing within the first song which usually doesn’t happen. Usually it takes people a couple songs, bands, and drinks to get the nerves to start dancing like a fool but last night it didn’t take much at all. The crowd was having fun, the band was having fun therefor I was having fun as I sat on my stool and took it all in.

Finishing up the night was, my personal favorite of the night, Dune Rats. I saw these guys awhile back when they opened up for Fidlar and I knew they were going to get added to all of my playlists and my list of favorite “bands I had never heard of before seeing them live but instantly fell in love with them”. While I sat there watching these guys perform, I was quickly reminded why they caught me at that first show and why I was super excited to see them again.

I don’t know if it’s an act or if the trio is truly like this in person but, like I said last time I saw them, watching them is like watching a trio of Jeff Spicoli’s (from the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High) try and get through a set of music. That sounds disastrous and unbearable but, when you’re watching these guys, you can’t help but smile, laugh, and dance along.

Their music, much like all of the other music of the night, is fun and upbeat. It has more elements of the surf punk scene mixed in with some classic rock n’ roll that makes you feel like you may as well be on a beach in Australia with these guys just kicking back, having a couple of beers and surfing. The band’s whole look and sound just screams stoner, beach bum, and Australia and, with the threat of snow in our very near future, it was perfect for a bunch of Minnesotans. 

Their act is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. In between songs the trio jokes among themselves but, due to how fast they talk and their accents, it’s a bit hard for the crowd to understand much of anything. Regardless of if you can understand what they’re joking about or not, it’s funny to watch as they make juvenile burping noises into the microphones and seem to be acting out episodes of Beevis & Butthead. As much joking around as they do in between their songs, the second they start playing a song it seems to be all business and they play them flawlessly. Sure, the music lends itself to a bit of sloppiness but, listening to them live and listening to them on CD may as well be one in the same… the only difference is that energy.

I have the most fun at some of the most unlikely shows. I wandered into a random show awhile back and saw Dune Rats. Last night, I went to see them again because I just can’t get enough of them. Now I have DZ Deathrays and Danger Signs on my radar which never would have happened had I not gone out to the show last night.