Twin Cities rappers live it up at Palmer’s Bar


It was a beautiful Saturday night at Palmer’s Bar – just off of Cedar Avenue. Some of Minneapolis’ top tier rappers were in the building. DJ Flow started off the night for us on the 1’s and 2’s by playing some groovy instrumentals and remixes.

Sam OG took the stage as the first hip hop artist.  He got down and did his thing; a solid first act.  It was then Pique’s turn to rip the mic and he got right into it with his song “Been 10”.  The crowd also found humor in his ad libbing – mentioning how he tripped while getting onto the stage.  Will Robinson was literally “outta this world” for his set; rockin’ that two-tone afro! Decibel raised the bar and got the crowds attention by ending his songs with some intense a cappella.  With Kid Ukko as master of ceremonies, we transitioned into the main act of the night – Kihndyn Peters.  Getting the whole crowd to chant the melodic chorus to one of his biggest songs “Como” was a thrill to see!  His performance solidified his position as one of the most versatile and talented rappers in the state.  He does this by producing his own beats which people can get down to while also being the consummate witty banterer.  Having Moonshie Sax playing the saxophone adds a beautiful sound that you rarely get to experience at a hip hop show.  Chance York, another elite emcee in the city took the stage next – letting his dreads hang to his elbows.  He spoke to the crowd in an intimate way.  Being apart from his group, the Crunchy Kids, he introduced some of his new material as a solo act.  To end the evening all four of the dudes in the Lifted Mindz rocked out.  The way the group is able to feed off each other is very effective and results in a dominance performance every time.  They talk about the beauty of life and push for peace – one show at a time.

Photos courtesy of: Carter Alan Petry