Rock Royalty Mott The Hoople Coming To First Avenue April 2


One of rock’s undeniably most important band has re-united for a short tour which includes the Mainroom.  Details and tickets are available HERE.

There is a strong argument that the early ’70’s comprised Rock’s Golden Age.  The innocence and experimentation of the latter part of the 60’s gave way to bands becoming bigger than life.  Zepplin, Ziggy Stardust, Pink Floyd, T Rex.  Few had a more lasting impact than Ian Hunter’s Mott The Hoople.

How many bands contributed songs to history’s lexicon that reached the stature of All The Young Dudes?  Mott was everything people wanted from rock stars.  Over the top concerts, glam, attitude and innovation.  They had it in spades.

Bowie was such a fan, he sent them Dudes along with iconic guitarist Mick Ronson.  When Mott became the first band to sell out a week long run on Broadway, the members of Led Zepplin were there in the audience on opening night as fans.  Royal Albert Hall banned Mott the Hoople following a concert in which rabid fans stomped so hard they literally cracked the ceiling.

Along with Bowie and T Rex, the band is remembered as the progenitors of Glam Rock.  Many musicians, however, will quickly point to Hunter’s signature small town sneer as the roots of Punk.  For many of us who came of age during that time, they were simply the greatest band going.

In support of Mott the Hoople is Twin Cities icons The Suburbs; a band that has sold out the Mainroom on its own.  During the period in which the Twin Cities rock scene was producing the likes of The Replacements, Husker Du, Prince, Suicide Commandos and Soul Asylum, Chan Polling’s pop punk Suberbs were in the vanguard.  It seems these guys are a bit more active these days.  We’re all richer for it.  Few Minnesota bands have had the staying power of the ‘burbs.