First Ave Get Big And Wild With Dance


This is one of those reviews and shows that I must begin with saying I was wrong. I had a fellow Odesza fan tell me Big Wild was a fantastic show I should absolutely go see, and I doubted him. I doubted him right up until I listened to Big Wild’s music and I realized the error of my ways. Furthermore when I got to the show and was still telling myself “yea but all that sound and singing LIVE? no way man”. Once again dear reader, I was so very wrong. Big Wild is currently my self dubbed “Artist I Should Have Known” pick for 2019 because this show was flat out a blast. The crowd was into it, Big Wild and his crew were having a blast, and I the guilty party now loving Big Wild was there to enjoy and photograph the whole thing. So let’s relive and review shall we!

Mild Minds came first from the shadows of the stage to get the everyone into the groove. A quieter sound with what I can only, and so clumsily, describe as chill step meets psychedelic disco. It was perfect for the start of tonight’s show and as someone who isn’t as into the true electronic scene as I once was. Mild Minds is the kind of music you can just as easily dance in your chair to while getting some work done as you could find yourself at a dance floor channeling your inner 70s self to. It was a short set but I can definitely make a recommendation you listen to Swim, that was probably my favorite song of the set, and another favorite now revisiting Sound Cloud would be to check out Weak Signal. Both are staples of Mild Mind’s sound and definitely going on my Chill Tracks playlist for their easy listening vibe.

Robotaki, a guy I’d love to ask about his music but just as much the name. Robotaki was a name I saw on the show schedule and thought sounded an awful lot like a Nintendo game for kids playing chef. Maybe he loves Nintendo, I don’t know, but he is neither playing around nor as boring a kid’s chef game. Robotaki took the chill vibe and turned it up a bit with more aggressive vocals and heavy rhythms while showing us he can also play a solid guitar riff. Personally I have a quiet disdain for these kinds of people due to jealousy. The closest I have gotten to music stardom was a couple Sony Acid tracks I made and playing an acoustic guitar for a couple years. Robotaki can do both things and does it seemingly without any struggle whatsoever. Laying down a solid electronic mash then playing guitar throughout, his tracks are a great build up on a night like this and just added to the night of pleasant surprises. Tracks to check out for this one I would say are Drunk ft Reece and Meant to Be.

Then came the man of the hour, Big Wild. So besides being wrong about my doubting if I should see this show I will add on that I was further blown away by the amount of energy in this set. Big Wild does NOT simply sit and coordinate a series of loops, beats, and percussive sounds while behind a laptop and mounds of knobs and cable. He’s as much there to dance and party with the crowd as create and it almost felt like he couldn’t help but get out from behind his tables during the show. Which is more than deserved because frankly Big Wild’s music could make the most stubborn hearted among us want to dance. Songs like No Words and Alley Oop  are great studio side, but so damn good live. So the first thing that hooked me was definitely the energy and fun of Big Wild. Then the groovy tracks came and sold me on this is one legit show with one talented artist. But what put me over was the crowd and lights. The photographer in me can’t help but think “oh man the lights, the shadows, the silhouettes!” but that’s who I am, and this night was no exception. And even as I worked through crowds and dancers I couldn’t help but notice this was perhaps one of the most feel good shows I’d been to in a while. A munch welcomed and enjoyable night as we await spring here in the thawing north.

I can’t say enough about Big Wild to be frank. To go from saying “Big Wild, um who?” to doubting, to being full on sold at the show it was a great experience. If you’re missing the sounds of MGNT, a fan of Odesza, or just looking for some funky grooving feel good electronic tracks you should get on the Big Wild choo choo. Also I dibs trademarking Big Wild Choo Choo if that becomes a thing or is merchandised. Long story short and rambles aside you should see Big Wild. Opener, main act, whatever it is get to the show. I have a good feeling this one is not going anywhere soon and hope to see big things for him.