George Benson & Kenny G The Breezin’ & Breathless Tour stopped at Treasure Island


Ten time Grammy award winning singer and composer George Benson thrilled fans at Treasure Island Resort & Casino on Saturday. In a career that spans five decades, more than 30 albums, NEA Jazz Master, George Benson, has used his jazz roots as the foundation for an engaging mix of pop, R&B and other shades that add up to a style that appeals to a broad mainstream audience. Along the way, he has also established himself as a formidable jazz singer – one whose biggest career hits have showcased his vocals as well as his guitar chops. In short, this guitar man is the complete package. George Benson and his band ended their European and U.S. 2017 tour in Minnesota.

Kenneth Gorelick, better known by his stage name Kenny G, is an American saxophonist from Seattle, Washington. His fourth album, “Duotones”, brought him  breakthrough success in 1986. Kenny’s main instrument is the soprano saxophone, but he also plays the alto and tenor saxophone and the flute on occasion. Kenny has released an amazing eighteen albums to date.

As the lights went down the crowd began to cheer. I looked around and Kenny was playing song “Home” from the soundboard. During the second song “Silhouette” he walked over to a riser in the middle of all of the fans and played. The fans were in love with the G-Man. Kenny made his way to the stage to play song “G Bop”. Kenny played an amazing eleven song set list. The set list included hits like “Havana”,”Forever in Love”,”Cadenza” and closed his set with “Songbird” and “Titanic”.

I was absolutely impressed with the true talent of Kenny G. His stage presence and fan interaction was fantastic.

The lights were low and the anticipation was building for the great George Benson. As the lights came up the George Benson band appeared. The cheers were unbelieveable for “George, George, George”. The crowd erupted with joy when George walked out on stage. George Benson doesn’t play by a setlist. The band manager / keyboardist calls out the next song to play. George played hit after hit. He played songs like “Breezin”,”Turn Your Love Around”,”Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You”. After the third song he introduced Kenny G to the stage to play a song “Summertime” with him. George played a two hour set and closed the show with song “Give Me The Night” I was mesmerized by the talent and killer vocals by 74 yr old George Benson.