Adam Levy Releases Naubinway at Cedar Cultural Center — 11/28/2015


With a holiday weekend in full bloom, we had a special opportunity to cover Adam Levy’s CD Release Performance for his first solo album Naubinway. Being very familiar with Adam as the front man for the Honeydogs, I anticipated a really good performance. However, what unfolded in front of the near capacity Cedar Cultural Center was a truly special night and nothing close to ‘good’ … It was AMAZING! From the open song to the close, the performance was spot on and Adam didn’t miss a beat. A very emotional moment came when Adam played the title track from the album, Naubinway, which was written after Adam release his son’s ashes into Lake Michigan.

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About the Album Naubinway

Naubinway takes its name from a sandy lagoon in northern Michigan where Levy and his family scattered his son’s ashes six months after his passing. Months later, Levy would finally finish the record—a beautiful and diverse album from start to finish, embracing an array of musical nuances- from its plaintively fingerpicked outset “Take It As It Comes,” an unavoidable heartbreaker, through the ramble of “Potter’s Field,” to the ethereal groove of “Atoms Never Die,” the Beatleseque/Randy Newman vibe of “When Your Well Runs Dry,” and onward through the closing title track, which depicts Levy’s exodus to Daniel’s “backwards baptism.” The album is also graced with Daniel’s powerful and provocative artwork throughout. As for its players, Honeydogs’ Brian Halverson (guitar), Peter J. Sands (keys), Peter Anderson and Trent Norton (bass) take part, but also a well-assembled wrecking crew of music makers such as co-producer Scott Miller, John Fields (bass & drums), Josh Kaplan (drums & percussion), Liz Draper (bass), Jillian Rae (fiddle, vocals), Joel Bremer (fiddle) and Joe Savage (pedal steel).

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