Dare Force Rocks Famous Dave’s


Dare Force recently released a new CD and on Saturday night they had a CD release party at Famous Dave’s in Uptown.  The band has been rocking for over 30 years and show no signs of letting up.  Founding members John O’Neill (guitar) and Brian Lorenson (base) are now playing with Kelly Peterson (guitar) and Lane Allen (drums) and sounding as good as ever.  They played music from the new CD, which is titled “Callin’ Your Name”, along with some old Dare Force classics and a few covers.  My highlights of the evening were their cover of Blue Oyster Cult’s Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll, the Dare Force classic On My Way and the title song from the new CD Callin’ Your Name.  I really like Callin’ Your Name and listen to it frequently.

It was pretty obvious the audience enjoyed the show, there was a lot of dancing, singing along and there were a few air guitars on the edge of the stage.  The band acknowledged original members of they band including Brian Bart who was in attendance.  The band seemed to enjoy themselves as much as the audience.  If you are a fan of Dare Force, be sure to get the new CD.  But I have had a hard time getting past the title tune, which is a really good song.  Overall a very entertaining evening and I’m hoping Dare Force plays for another 30 years.