Pale Waves Makes Noises At The Amsterdam


Saturday night the Amsterdam Bar and Hall was filled with people of all ages. The crowd gathered for the Manchester quartet, Pale Waves. I first got find of this synth-pop group in 2017 when they opened for The 1975 at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium. I was instantly in awe. Fast forward, two years later my mind is still reeling over this group.

Starting off the night was The Candescents from Columbus Ohio. With this being their second larger tour with Pale Waves, you’d never be able to tell. The four-piece charmed the audience into dancing and moving along to their contagious melodies. Chinese New Years carries a Beach Boys vibe with a modern twist. It gives the feeling of wanting to lay out and enjoy a hot summer day. With songs like Chinese New Years and Back of Your Hand, The Candescents intermix several genres to create a sound that is unique to them and keep you wanting more. I expect these four guys to be back and with a tour of their own.

Set List: Wet Tuesday/Drink to Paradise/Grass/High/Chinese New Year/2 A.M./Back of Your Hand/Boyfriend (crowd favorite)

Kailee Morgue first got a taste of the spotlight after a video she posted went viral. Saturday night’s performance was a testament to how popular her Medusa video became. As a listened to Morgue sing all I could of was how amazing she’d sounds cover a Billie Eilish song. Their voices are similar, but both have a unique sound. With the crowd singing along, Kailee easily got lost in her music. Dancing, swaying and staring off into the distance the artist captured every eye.

My favorite thing about all ages concerts are the early set times. I was convinced it was almost 11 when the highly anticipated Pale Waves took the stage at 8:45. The cramped barricade creaked with pressure as the screaming fans cheered and hollered for the headliners. Just like the first time I saw them, Pale Waves took control over the crowd. A staple to any show the quartet have is the quick transitions and moody ambience that follows.

Pale Waves have been on a rise since the release of their first single There’s A Honey and haven’t slowed down, with good reason. The quartet have been releasing hit after hit engulfing their listeners in a story that you can follow throughout the entirety of their debut album My Mind Makes Noises. With a large devoted base, the Manchester band have fans from all walks of life. This mix of backgrounds gave their show a bonus. Nothing is better than observing an entire room of different people come together to enjoy music.

Frontwoman Heather Baron-Gracie carried the biggest smile as the room sang along with her the whole night. From start to finish their set was concrete. If you missed out on Saturday night’s performance, no need to worry. Pale Waves will be back supporting The 1975 on May 7,2019.

Set List: Television Romance/Eighteen/New Years Eve/Red/Drove/Heavenly/My Obsession/She/Came In Close/The Tide/Noises/One More Time/There’s A Honey