Clairo Plays A Sold Out Show At Varsity Theater


A sold out show for 21-year-old Claire Cottrill who goes by the stage name, Clairo, took place at the Varsity Theater last night. Known for her lo-fi, bedroom pop music the singer originally from Massachusetts has been going across North America to promote her debut album, Immunity. While fans spanned across all ages, the majority of people in the crowd were quite young and the energy they gave off buzzed throughout the entire venue.

Taking the stage first was Oakland based band, Hello Yello. On their first cross-country tour after releasing their debut EP, Love Wins, the trio combines genres of punk, grunge, emo and hip hop to create their own unique sound. The members include Dylan Wiggins, Martin Rodrigues and Jaden Wiggins (who sported a Vikings jersey on stage). The young band got the crowd excited for their performance and what was to come.

Performing second was Bea Kristi who performs under the name Beabadoobee. The Filipino-British singer is one of the newest editions to the  independent British record label, Dirty Hit – known best for representing British band The 1975. She brings vibes of 90’s alternative pop to listeners ears which were readily received by the audience. Following release of her single, “Coffee”, she released her debut EP Patched Up and shortly after released her Loveworm EP. Her next EP, Space Cadet is expected to arrive this month. Bea’s soft voice rang through the venue and kept the audience focused on her throughout her set.

Finally the time had come for Clairo to take the stage. The crowd was energized and the atmosphere of the venue started to become filled with excitement and anticipation. Starting with the lead song, “Alewife” from her debut album, she captured everyone’s attention all while showing the emotion of the song. The all white background that opened the show emphasized the youthfulness of both Clairo and the majority of the crowd. 

Playing songs both new and old, Clairo had the audience dancing and singing along the entire time. Hits from her album Immunity include “Bags” and “North” as well as older songs including “Flaming Hot Cheetos.” The night seemingly came to an end when the singer announced it was her last song “I Wouldn’t Ask You” but shortly after leaving the stage, with the help of the crowd cheering, Clairo returned to play three more songs. 

Her hit “4EVER” got everyone dancing again. “Pretty Girl” was accompanied by a background video of Clairo in a bathroom – as if she were looking at a mirror and we were looking through it. The crowd went wild for this visual which is similar to the “Pretty Girl” music video. Finally, the night finished with Mura Masa cover “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again.” 

While this was Clairo’s first headline tour across North America, it is very likely that she will be returning to the Twin Cities area soon, and we will be ready for her.