F&*#!!, That’s Cool! Action Bronson At First Avenue


Maybe the snow had me confused, but somehow I ended up twice at First Avenue and both times way out of my musical comfort zone. After diving into country and Thursday, Sunday night brought me into the multi faceted universe of Action Bronson in town with his “White Bronco” tour .

Arriving at First Ave I once again marveled at the range of fans. Yes there were a number of burly men who didn’t look like they would turn down a meal cooked by Bronson (myself included) but women were also well represented and club jackets from lowrider clubs were also easily found.

First up was Queens rapper Meyhem Lauren. His set felt old school rap to me. Lyrics were the focus, the beats behind them clean and effective. His question about Bucks fans in the audience was met with laughter and boos.

Roc Marciano brought a different vibe to the stage. More melodies and samples (including what seemed to the closing laughter from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”) were found.

The house music went chill before Action Bronson took the stage. Maybe they wanted fans to preserve their energy. An opening bell announced his arrival and like a boxer Bronson came out hitting hard and fast. He did pause when fans handed him a couple of his books – the first on stage book signing I got to witness. I like his range of styles. From hard hitting rhymes to more melodic songs where he invited the crowd to “Close your eyes, STFU, and just enjoy”.

The last video of Bronson I had seen before the show was him traveling the French countryside, sipping wine. The change to his performance on stage proved to me that he is a Renaissance man for the 21st century.