Sawtooth Brothers CD Release show at the Fine Line – 2/5/2016


After a decade of making music, bluegrass foursome Sawtooth Brothers thought it was about time to release their first original CD. “One More Flight” hit the shelves yesterday and the 2 pairs of brothers celebrated at the Fine Line with a release show.

Opening the night was The Gentlemen’s Anti-Temperance League. The self-described string quartet has its musical roots in the rhythm and leads of prohibition but takes a modern approach and is not afraid to include influences. “Mariner’s Daughter” was sung in French and vocalist Kelly Reichert joined them on stage for a few songs. “Dark Eyes” almost felt Greek. Overall a well delivered set.

Set List: Eucalyptus River Blues / Millennial Blues / Whiskey Song / Mariner’s Daughter / Common Law Vampire / Caravan / Stella / In Vino Veritas / Dark Eyes

Wisconsin’s Dead Horses underwent a lineup change last year and the trio is about to release their new album in May. Singer Sarah Vos’ voice is the clear anchor but Peter Raboin and Daniel Wolff hold their own on stage. They are not afraid of modern influences and their cover of Radiohead’s “Weird Fishes” was quite brilliant and stood as a personal highlight for me. Dead Horses expect to return to the Twin Cities in May.

Set List: Brother / Golden / Morning / Lost Highway / Long Way Down / Peace my Soul / Weird Fishes / Ain’t Got Time

Starting in their cribs the members of the Sawtooth Brothers were steeped in bluegrass with its traditions and sounds. When their banjo player quit the band the remaining members took a look at their band, changed their name from “Sawtooth Bluegrass Band” an threw the rulebook out the window. They did not throw it very far or from an upper floor, their musical roots are intact but now has a contemporary feel. “Another Cliché” has been heard on the Current. Their set was light spirited and fans could clearly tell that the performers had fun and that was evident in their music.

Set List: County Road X / Another Cliché / What’s her Name / On Top of the World / Summercamp / Summer all the Time / The River and You / Tear in my Heart / Should be Going / Blame it / Take me Away / One more Flight / Encore: Lonely Boy

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