MUSIC PREVIEW: World Be Free Debut Album Is A Pure Animal — 2/11/2016


Artist: World Be Free

Album: The Anti-Circle


 Consisting of Scott Vogel (TERROR/BURIED ALIVE), Arthur Smilios (GORILLA BISCUITS), Joe Garlipp (DISPAIR/ENVY), Andrew Kline (STRIFE), and Sammy Siegler (CIV, JUDGE, SIDE BY SIDE), this hard core punk super group went in to the studio with intentions of creating an album for all to enjoy. With melodic undertones and positive vibes,World Be Free reached those expectations with their first album The Anti-Circle, making it possible for young and old, guy or girl, to sing along with a grin on their face from cover to cover. With guest vocals from Walter Schreifles (GORILLA BISCUITS, QUICKSAND, RIVAL SCHOOLS), and pressed onto translucent vinyl, the album is a must for any lover of true punk. Be sure to catch them on tour with GIVE and JUDGE this year, as it is sure to be memorable. The album is available now from all the usual locations.


1. World Be Free

2. Shake The Ghost

3. All These Colors

4. Empty Things

5. Never Slip

6. Breakout Or Busted

7. The Anti-Circle

8. I’m Done

9. What I See

10. Sammy’s Mirror

11. I Erase You

12. Of My World

13. Promises Made

14. Counting Vices