Walk The Moon Walk On Water / Snow At The Palace Theatre


I was curious what to expect from my first all ages show at the Palace, Unlike First Ave the setup remains the same with all bars open. The crowd was a wide range of ages with the majority in their twenties, with teens and kids mixed in. Oh and a few parents, trying to look too cool for an all ages show. With a ton of snow coming down, I was impressed that the Palace Theatre was quite full.

Opener Company of Thieves had just released their latest EP “Better Together” the day before the show. I had heard some of their music but had not seen them live. To call singer Genevieve Schatz’s stage presence magnetic would be an understatement. She definitely has her own personality but many things about her reminded me of a younger Bjork. Yes there was the look, but also her movements and live her voice has a certain breathless quality to it. Their set included also a very well done cover of the Cranberries “Dream” and closed with “Gorgeous”,  a song that pushed into the psychedelic with wild guitar riffs.

Set List ??? / Wilde / Window / Flowers / Treasure / Dreams / Gorgeous

After a brief intro by Miles the DJ of Go96 the stage darkened and the first bars of the Lion King soundtrack rang out (followed by the sound of $$ falling in Disney’s coffers). I just missed getting my ear plugs in and was treated to a full dose of screams – the crowd was ready!

The first song “Press Restart” started dimly lit and more lights joined as it progressed.  After 4 songs came a short break and a chance for singer Nick Petricca to say hello to Walk The Moon’s fans. “We’re your neighbours from Ohio. Welcome to the last show of the North American leg of the tour.” I have seen a few bands on their last show of a run and at times they seem to just “phone it in” but that definitely was not the case on Saturday.

After the brief greeting Walk The Moon took their fans back to some of their earlier songs and big hits.  A highlight was the acoustic version of “Aquaman” that had Genevieve Schatz join them on stage. Energy from both band and fans remained high through their set. Their first time back as headliners in a few years (a set at Chipotle’s Cultivate festival fell victim to a thunderstorm) and for fans it sure seemed worth the wait.

Set List: Press Restart / Portugal / Lisa Baby / Kamikaze / All I Want / Shiver Shiver / Avalanche /  Aquaman (acoustic) / Surrender / Tightrope / Different Colors / Shut Up and Dance / All Night / Tiger Teeth / One Foot / Next In Line / Headphones Encore: Up 2 U / Anna Sun



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  1. disney doesnt get paid for that intro music. The venue pays a blanket licensing fee that covers them for any “covers” or performances of songs.

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