I Follow Superior Siren’s Call To The Icehouse



Ancient Mariners feared the Siren’s call leading them astray from their plotted course. I felt it’s pull in form of an e-mail inviting me to Superior Siren’s release party at the Icehouse. I was already scheduled to cover Walk The Moon in St. Paul. The Twin Cities were facing certain obliteration by several feet of snow. My schedule for the weekend was full to say the least. Yet my trusty car found its way through the snow to the Icehouse (perfectly named for the night) and there I was.

END OF OVERLY CLEVER INTRO Disclaimer: If the band’s name refers to a fire truck’s siren rather than the creature of myth, disregard into 😉

I had seen Superior Siren live a couple of years ago at First Avenue opening for Devotchka. When I learned about their upcoming show,  was curious to experience their new album. Despite the heavy snow, both bands, and a decent showing of fans made it.

Starting the evening was another Duluth band, Coyote. The trio’s songs are slower paced and quiet in a way, but far from boring. This was their 2nd time playing Minneapolis – hopefully it won’t be another 7 years before they return. Coyote played a couple of new songs from an upcoming album that they are working on.

Superior Siren’s first song “Swamp Creature” marked a change of pace. Laura Sellner’s voice brought an edge with a hint of danger. The bass and drum line had a driving urgency to it.  Sellener introduced “Lost” the last track on album as “written when I was young and full of angst.” The song certainly reflected that with minimal instrumentation other at it start becoming more prominent. Superior Siren’s music is most definitely not easy listening. It demands the listener’s attention to fully appreciate it. Individual parts may be deceptively simple but woven together by Sellner’s vocals they take on a much more complex sound. You can check out and purchase their album on SOUNDCLOUD

All said, I am glad I braved the snow, a feeling I am quite sure I share with everyone that made it to the Icehouse that night.

Set List: Swamp Creature / Tomorrow / Nightmare / For Mother / Lonesome Hunter / Lost / Leone / Cracked Hands / Everything Is Free / Trying To Hard  / Alive