Travail Creep & Crawl 2016


In its short history Travail has proven itself to be anything but a conventional restaurant. The team has given birth to a number of unique pop ups, a temporary Asian concept and a local festival held each summer. They also host numerous special events and have turned the Rookery into a spotlight restaurant featuring one of their chefs with a themed menu in rotation.

For the 2nd year the Travail Collective set up a Creep & Crawl to celebrate Halloween at their restaurants Travail and Pig Ate My Pizza. This year event was sold out and guests were treated to culinary treats ranging from the cute (Boo Buns) to the more gory (Leg of John). Both Travailians and guests showed quite a bit of effort in their costumes. Freddy Mercury seems to be trending this year – 3 were at this party alone. Party games were on hand as well.

The Food

The Guests

The Travail Crew