Bangkok Street Food Pop Up at Travail – 9/14/2015


Travail alumni Chef Travis Stanfield’s first pop up was themed after Bangkok’s lively street food scene. He recently returned after some globetrotting and settled in tiny Harmony, MN where he helped open Estelle’s Eatery & Bar. The pop up had support from the excellent chefs at Travail, the Rookery and Pig ate my Pizza. At least those who were not busy handing out free samples to the masses at the Robbinsdale Chamber of Commerce Meet & Greet that was taking place outside the restaurant at the same time.


Travail was transformed to a open street bar with bar stools outside the wide open windows. Guests were able to walk up to the individual chefs’ stations, ask questions and order. A range of Thai dishes were offered from Pork Satays, dumplings, a quail stir fry to an elaborate deboned fried chicken. The “Tap that Grass” cocktail was the only deviance from Thai tradition with a liberal helping of liquid nitrogen.

ThaiPopUp-49 ThaiPopUp-21

Chef Stanfield spend a good part of the evening explaining dishes and in conversation with his guests. The attention to detail and adherence to Thai roots was remarkable. Diners experienced unusual authentic ingredients such a shrimp fat used for the stir fry and tamarind water.


We hope there will be more pop up in the future bringing us more from Stanfield’s global travels.

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