PREVIEW: Bangkok Street Food Pop Up at Travail/Rookery – Monday 9/14/2015 5 PM – 10 PM


Unless you live under a culinary rock or have been stuck in a McDonald’s drive thru for the past 4 years you have probably heard of Travail in Robbinsdale. What started off as a giant leap of faith has become an institution. Quite of few of the chefs that started on the original crew, have moved to run their own kitchens and restaurants. Travail has become a Midwest version of the famed El Bulli were chefs are free to explore, take chances and hone their craft.

One of these chefs is Travis Stanfield. After a few years in Travail’s kitchen he turned into a globe trotter staging in European restaurants, exploring the taste of South East Asia and spending some time on the Hawaiian Islands. He returned to Minnesota earlier this year to help open Estelle’s Eatery in Harmony, MN.

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Stanfield returns to the Twin Cities next Monday 9/14 to host a Thai Street food themed pop up at Travail/ The Rookery in Robbinsdale. The menu will include dishes like Pat Thai, Pork Satay (Muu Satay), Jungle Curry with minced with Quail (Geng Bpaa Nok Sap), Crispy Pork with Chinese Broccoli (Pat Kanaa Muu Grop), Deep fried whole fish (Plaa Tort Gratiam Prik Thai), sticky rice, coconut rice, some dumplings and something sweet.

When:                     Monday 9/14 for 5 PM to 10 PM
Where:                   Travail / Rookery at 4124 W Broadway Ave; Robbinsdale
Cost:                       $ 10 for entrees; $ 5 for sides (CASH ONLY)
Drinks:                   2 beer choices and a cocktail
Should you go:     Hell, yeah!