Track By Track with Boomtown Riot


Minneapolis’ newest quartet Boomtown Riot recently swung by the Twin Cities Media studio for our latest installment of Track by Track.

Boomtown Riot is Jake Kemble (vocals/guitar), Jeff Noller (vocals/guitar), Jimmy Lyback (bass/vocals) and Jeremy Krueth (drums). Each member of Boomtown Riot has been actively involved in the Minneapolis music scene for quite some time, but have finally linked up to form Boomtown Riot. Some may recognize Kemble from his previous project – Kick. Jeremy Krueth owns Klash Drums in Northeast Minneapolis where both Krueth and Kemble teach music lessons. Jeff Noller recorded the band’s album in his home studio.

Sitting down with Boomtown Riot there was a special energy that radiated from these guys. In our interview they spoke with an excitement and passion about this project that left me with eagerness to see where they go. In our Track by Track we chatted over some whiskey about the inception of Boomtown Riot, the recording process, their SXSW debut and what’s to come.

Check out the full conversation below!