Nightly Cram Music, Fun, And Fans In A Packed 7th Street Entry


I found myself back at the 7th Street Entry for the second time in 24 hours. Ask me about my “Photography Relationship” with the Entry and I’ll reply with: “It’s complicated” One one hand the closeness between the artist and fans makes for some very special shows and photos. On the other a sold out Entry means I show up early, claim my spot on stage right and stay there for the show. Well that plan failed last night for Nightly. I got there 20 minutes before the first band’s set and it was packed! So much for that plan. Good for the band, bad for photos 🙂 So excuse the limited number and variety, I chose not to re-enact a Terminator movie and have 6’2, 240 lbs of Austrian muscle (I can dream, ok?) push through the crowd. 

Sawyer from Nashville was up first. The duo of Kel Taylor and Emma Harvey was augmented by drummer / nutritionist / life coach Scooter. If you like Tegan and Sara – you will LOOOOOVE Sawyer. They describe themselves as “Indie Sparkle Pop.” and I swear I saw sparkles coming from the stage. Their short energetic set included a great cover is MGMT’s “Electric Feel”

The Wldlfe from Indiana managed to cram 5 band members and stuff from 2 bands onto the small Entry stage – a logistical feat! Maybe the previous 3 times they played the entry helped them with planning. Their very cool indie pop sound had the crowd energized in no time at all and kept everyone dancing through their set.

Nightly, of course are no strangers to the Entry either. Now performing as a trio they released a new video “The Movies” a few weeks ago and their current tour has a ton of sold out dates bearing witness to their appeal. Their set began with a cool instrumental intro and the lights and LED panels they brought along made the Entry feel like a much bigger production than usual. Their smooth and lively sound even had their sound guy rocking out and everyone in the audience swaying and dancing as much as space permitted.

All in all a fun evening with 3 cool bands. But hey, First Ave? When Nightly come back to town, can we find them someplace a bit bigger? Turf Club? Dare I say Fine Line? Take a chance, Nightly are ready!

Set List (pending confirmation): This Time Last Year / XO / Black Coffee / Holding On / Say Anything Else / The Movies /  Phantom / Sleepless Nights / Who Am I To You / Younger / No Vacancy / Twenty Something / Miss You Like Hell