Tim Houlihan “Another Orion” CD Release show with Katy Vernon at the Icehouse – 3/13/2016


Americana singer songwriter Tim Houlihan release his new album “Another Orion” at the Icehouse Sunday evening. Ironically one of the most “Rock’n Roll” quotes I have heard was said just before he went on stage: “Where is the band?” “Not sure, one was just at the bar talking to a girl.”

All band members collected Tim started the evening with “Send me back to you”. His band, consisting of Todd Lester (drums) Jon James Benson (guitar) and Paul Madsen (bass) and Tim sounded very tight, smooth and their deep love of music was felt in every song. Benson broke out a 12 string guitar for several songs. A beautifully rendered cover of Pink Floyd’s “Wish you were here” was woven into the set. Houlihan had stories surrounding some of his songs. How one song was labeled cynical by a Dutch reviewer, and his affliction for Portugal, the country that discovered much of the globe, but couldn’t keep onto it.
Some of his songs had bit of a country feel. I had to laugh at the lyrics of “Going to the Country” – “Good bye city living, and all the hipsters in the scene”. I enjoyed Tim Houlihan’s set quite a bit. His no nonsense, smooth and very interesting sound was just what the doctor ordered for a Sunday night.  Overall a great set and certainly an artist and album you should check out. He does have a few Twin Cities live dates coming up.
Set List: Send Me Back to you \ Is it Ever Okay \ I get lonesome too \ Wish you were here \ Beneath the Surface of the Well \ Going to the Country \ Thinking about You \ Another Orion \ Somebody Talk to Jesus \ Those who discovered the World \ Woodstock \ Fair Retreat

Katy Vernon closed out the evening. A contrast to Tim, she packed the stage with musicians who rotated in and out as needed and have a couple of guest musicians as well. Katy’s songs have an upbeat sound and certainly match her personality on stage. She uses her live and her experience as a parent as inspiration for her music. “Lily” is a song about her daughter who sang on the album version, but was not up for a live performance “Nah, I’ve played the Icehouse” was the quote Vernon mentioned. Katy has a very interesting stage presence that’s quirky, funny and charming. A infectious giggle at the end of her opening song, an imitated Minnesota accent (double funny as she’s British) and the story how a review had her married to her keyboard player by accident (in the reviewer’s defense he’s also British and his last name is Husband).
“All fall down” showed a more Rock’n Roll side of Vernon. Others has a 20s swing feel accentuated by a trumpet, that also lent itself to some Latin influences. Katy and her band mates are very fun experience live.
Set List: 23 \ Lily \ Heart is in your hands \ This is it \ Pearl \ Dear Prudence \ Peter \ 5 O’clock \ Loving you \ All fall down \ Out of my Depth \ Play \ You don’t have to say love me \ Ring of Fire