PREVIEW: Melanie Martinez at the Myth on March 16th


Melanie Martinez will be making a stop at the Myth in St. Paul, Minnesota this week on March 16th in support of her debut album, “Cry Baby”.  A 20 year old artist from New York, she was featured on The Voice and did quite well.  Judging by the number of views of her videos on YouTube, her name will be heard for quite some time!  I was introduced to Melanie’s music a while back when I asked my daughters about a song I had heard them play many times, “Dollhouse”.  I found it very interesting and started looking up more songs by her.  Once her album came out, I got it on LP and it has been played numerous times!

Opening for Melanie is Alvarez Kings, a band hailing from South Yorkshire.  After quickly becoming popular at home, they traveled and toured all over including with Echosmith.  This opened up a 40 date tour in the US with the Vans – Warped Tour.  “Their debut release was the EP Fear To Feel which marked a change in direction from the bands typical indie-rock sound. The sound has become bigger, introducing new timbres such as string, brass synths alongside House-style production while maintaining Pop sensibilities at its core.”

It should be a fun show to watch and I’m looking forward to covering it!  Check out some of the links below to learn more!  Also, click HERE for the tour schedule so you can see when this tour will be in your area!

Melanie Martinez

Song Previews:  “Soap / Training Wheels” and “Sippy Cup

Alvarez Kings

Song Previews:  “Tell-Tale Heart” and “Fear to Feel

Show Information:

The Myth

3090 Southlawn Drive, St. Paul, MN

All Ages

Show time 6:30 pm

Click HERE to get tickets from the Myth website.