The Cult and Holy White Hounds at Mill City Nights on Thursday, March 24th


The Cult made a stop in Minneapolis on Thursday, March 24th at Mill City Nights during their recent tour to promote their new album, “Hidden City”.  Opening for them was Des Moines, IA band, Holy White Hounds.  This was a late show that started at 9:00pm and I arrived around 8:30pm.  Even at that time, there was still a bit of a line to get in.  When I got in, the place was pretty packed!  Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed access to the pit area for this show, which was a first for me in the few years I’ve been doing this.  Regardless, the show started promptly at 9!

Holy White Hounds is one of my new favorite bands that I was introduced to earlier this year.  After hearing them twice now, I’m really looking forward to getting my hand on their debut album, “Sparkle Sparkle” that comes out on May 6th.  The last time I saw them was in a smaller venue with not much room on stage, so it was nice to see what they could do on a larger stage.  They definitely moved around and used all of the space they had!  If you get a chance to see Holy White Hounds, I would recommend going!  If you click on the links provided in this article, you can also check out some of their music.  With no pit access, I tried to navigate through the crowd for a bit, but I opted for the balcony instead to stay out of everyone’s way.  You can check out my shots below.

After what seemed like a long wait, The Cult took the stage.  Mill City was extremely packed now and I was surprised at the amount of people that showed up after the first band was done.  One The Cult took the stage though; everyone got revved up as they were ready for the show!  There is a reason The Cult has been around for so long, and that reason was because they rock!  They took command of the stage and gave the crowd the performance they were waiting for.  They started out with “Dark Energy” of their new album and as expected played quite a few songs from it.  They added in a lot of songs from previous albums as well though.  I was hoping to hear “Painted On My Heart”, but it wasn’t on the setlist for this show.  At the end of the night, everyone got a great show filled with songs they wanted to hear from The Cult!  I could tell everyone was having a great time as I walked around looking for different angles for my photos.  Speaking of them, you can check them out below and click HERE to see the rest of the dates for their tour!

Even though I wasn’t able to get close up photos, it was still an amazing show.  It was good to force me to think about taking photos in a different way and I think I captured some pretty cool moments!

As always, get out a support live music and I’ll see you out there.