Catbath & Friends at the Triple Rock – 3/25/2016


Friday Night at the Triple Rock proved just how rich the Minneapolis music scene is. 4 band each unique and very cool in their own way.

First up where The Backyard Robbers, playing their first live show since 2011 and celebrating the release of their 28 track album “The Limits of Analog”. Their music is punk at its core and their spirit is punk all the way. There is a wicked sense of humor in their lyrics as well as the way the band interacts. “I should tune this guitar…….. This is punk rock, dude!”. Their audience was heavy on the male side and rocked along. To shouts of “One more song” singer Jason Elstad responded. We got stuff to do, there is a ton of lawn furniture under wrap from winter. They’ll go “Where is our stuff?” Well, we took it fuckers!
Set List: Allergic / Judy’s Toe / Bedfood / Lost in the Mall / Mister Yuk / Fuck Me / Jack / Shade

Next up was Lunch Duchess, a four-piece “feminist grunge-pop” band. Fronted by drummer Katharine Seggerman with young veterans from other bands Lunch Duchess released their first EP that night. There was a Mac and Cheese Raffle. The crowd got younger and there was a lot more dancing during their set. Seggerman’s voice has a range of styles that keeps things quite interesting. Some songs it sounds quite young others she lets the power behind it shine. Overall a quite cool and promising band.
Set List: Cry / Gross / Better / Unable / Friend / Hope / How

From Lunch we traveled back a few decades to the 60s and 70s and to another dimension where psych-pop rules. Rupert Angeleyes checks every box for that era. Singer with flowing blond hair? Check. Bell Bottoms, Flower Shirt and Member Jacket? Check. Xylophone? Check. Their sound borrowed from the psychedellic, some rock and a bit of surf rock. Dancing in the crowd got more expressive and singer
Kyle Sobczak summed it all up: “Bang your bangs if you got’em”. Rupert Angeleyes is a very fun band to watch and listen to.
Set List: Oxicodin? / 3 Beers Deep / Instrument 5 / Comb my Hair / Crying for Who I / Talk to Me / R&B / When I Fell in / Painters / Go Outside

Catbath emerged from their winter slumber with a new member, guitar player Gravey G. (also in Lunch Duchess), a new song and enough energy to chase a laser pointer for hours or one blistering set. Hard drums, a relentlessly driving bass and a series of growly, screams and hisses set a breakneck pace. The few breaks were used to catch the crowd up on bands news. But with all the screams and harsh sound there is a playfulness to their music. There are harmonies (even got a shout out “Nice Harmonies” from the audience. There are pop hooks. There is a band that is clearly having a ton of fun. An unplanned encore was played after a brief search for a missing drumstick.
Set List: Bop, Ooo / UFO / Law of Average / Ta-Da / Vacuum / Casio / Jellyfish / Colorado / Home Invader