The Blasters with Molly Maher at the Turf Club 6/7/2016


Tuesday’s down to earth lineup at the Turf Club stood in stark contrast to the giant show put on by the Cure at the Xcel a few miles away. The crowd was a bit older (yes, older than the middle aged Cure fans), the mood was no nonsense music, and everyone was ready to have a great time.

Molly Maher and her Disbelievers fit that mood nicely. An Americana band with a side of roots, as they describe themselves. Veterans of the Minnesota music scene the band sounded tight even when Molly changed the set a bit. The first few songs had her on a resonator guitar and felt a bit country (really good country) and as the set developed more and more rock’n roll crept in. I had not seen them before and really enjoyed their set.

Set List: Reconsider Me / Sault Saint Marie / Stormclowd / John Henry / Blinded by Love / Some Day, Somebody(?) / Somewhere down the Road / Bird Song / Monkey with a Tomborine

36+ years in the business The Blasters are a no shit band. They (and their audience) may have gotten a bit older and their bad-boy motorbikes may have given way to a more comfortable car but they radiate rock’n roll. Made up of singer/guitarist Phil Alvin, bass guitarist John Bazz, drummer Bill Bateman and lead guitar player Keith Wyatt , they took the stage to shouts of welcome from the crowd. Opening with “Long White Cadillac” they took command of the Turf Club and kept the audience in their grip through the set. Alvin still has a great voice well suited to their music. The Blasters were tight through their set. Overall I really enjoyed having a chance to see them live.

Set List: Long White Cadillac \ Crazy Baby \ Rock My Blues Away \ Border Radio \ Precious Memories \ Well Oh Well \ Dark Night \ Trouble Bound \ I’m Shakin’ \ Lonely Over You \ Crying For My Baby \ So Long Baby Goodbye \ Daddy Rolling Stone \ Red Rose \ Blue Shadows \  American Music \ Marie, Marie \ One Bad Stud


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  1. Dave Alvin left the band in 1985. It´s Keith Wyatt on lead guitar!
    The original Blasters line up re-unite every now and then as the Original Blasters 🙂

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