The Agonist Fuel a High Octane Metal Performance At Mill City Nights 9/16/2015


In Minnesota, Fall is in the air with cooler temperatures creeping up on us. However, Mill City Nights was in the heat on Wednesday night with featured artist The Agonist. It is always great to cover a band that I’ve enjoyed for a number of years, but always seem to miss them for some reason or another. And YES, they did not disappoint. After a vocalist swap last year, the band appeared to re-emerge stronger than ever (just take a listen to Eye of Providence), with new front woman Vicky Psarakis.

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It is clear that on this North American tour, Psarakis’ performance should silence any naysayers at this point, handling the band’s sometimes intricate clean/harsh transitions with ease. The band rolled through a series of new and old tracks to kick things off into high octane gear. But Psarakis earned her stripes with some fantastic renditions of the older cuts, especially with a killer vocal performance on “Panophobia,” proving that she can handle the new material live as well as put a little bit of new flavor into the old tracks. The rest of the band followed suit, with some windmills across the board (quite cool to see them all at once at close distance), flashy solos by Danny Marino and “Paco” Jobin, as well as some jumping and perching on the drum kit from time to time. In all, their set was top notch and the crowd got a real treat seeing such a connected band that seems to be holding strong and moving forward. With a firm line-up now at hand, hopefully the band will be more prone towards coming back to Minneapolis soon.

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