Brooke Fraser @ Triple Rock Social Club 2/21/2015



Brooke Fraser’s 2010 single “Something in the Water” may have been a reference to the Minneapolis concert scene. There’s something that keeps musicians coming to small venues. The Triple Rock Social Club was packed and after an energetic opening set by Dark Waves Brooke took the stage sporting a spike black leather jacket and an inflatable cast.

The cast did not hinder her stage presence at all. Opening with material from her current album Brutal Romantic, she captured the audience. Her new album is a departure from her previous records more danceable and electronic, as witnessed by the 2 keyboard players in her band. She recalled the last time she played Minneapolis at an opulent place decorated by artists (the Varsity). When someone from the audience shouted Dinkytown, she cracked up at the term and imagined the terrible, perverted things that may be happening in a place named as such.

Set List:

  • Psychosocial
  • Magical Machine
  • Bloodrush
  • Shadowfeet
  • Arithmetic
  • New Histories
  • Thunder
  • Deciphering Me
  • Start a War
  • Je Suis Prêt
  • Kings & Queens
  • Encore:
  • Something in the Water
  • C.S. Lewis Song

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