Troye Sivan Brings The Bloom Tour To Minneapolis’ State Theater


There’s some nights when you’re headed to a show you know you’re in for a good time. Last night was definitely one of those nights. Singer/songwriter and pop star extraordinaire Troye Sivan has been a staple on my playlists since the release of his debut album Blue Neighbourhood back in 2015. I stumbled across that album and absolutely fell in love – not knowing that Troye Sivan was at that time, already a rising star on YouTube, an actor (in both film and television), and a prevelent voice in the LGBTQ community. Since the release of that album – it’s been pretty much nothing but up for the 23-year-old. I’m lucky enough to get to cover shows like this night after night so I’ve seen a lot of great artists – but Troye Sivan was at the top of my list of must see artists.

I arrived at the gorgeous State Theater in downtown Minneapolis just a few minutes before 7:30, quickly grabbed my ticket from will call and made my way to my seat just as 18-year-old wunderkind Carlie Hanson was taking to the stage. Carlie Hanson literally embodies everything I love about music right now. She’s badass, she’s unapologetic, she’s poppy yet gritty, she effortlessly cool, her music absolutely bangs and she’s selfmade. Carlie Hanson is a little bit of Lorde, a little of Billie Eilish meets Kiiara, a lot bit something all her own. It’s hard to believe that the pop-goddess was working at McDonalds in rural Wisconsin a little over a year ago and now is opening for Troye Sivan. Hanson’s vocals are absolutely insane live – she managed to power through her short but sweet set without missing a beat, all while dancing and jumping around the stage. Hanson rocked the State Theater with an energy made for stadiums. And if set was any indication – I think stadiums are definitely in her future. Her set included her infectiously catchy hits including Only One, Us and Why Did You Lie.

It was not doubt Hanson got the room warmed up and the energy continued to grow in the room as the stage turned over for Kim Petras’ set. Kim Petras, like Troye Sivan, has been on heavy rotation on many-a-playlists for me lately since the infectiously catchy  I Don’t Want It All came up on one my Spotify discover weekly playlists. In between sets I was talking with a concert-goer outside and he was sharing his similar binging of Kim Petras. Once you discover her music it really is hard to stop listening. It’s poppy and carefree and make you just want to drink or dance the night away with friends. The guy that I ended up chatting with told me that Kim Petras was one of the first openly transgender singer, a tibbit I hadn’t heard before. Knowing that made her set just that much more special. Petras rocked the room and had the entire room dancing and jumping along through her roughly 30-minute yet. Her energy was infectious and the crowd was eating it up. “Give it up for my bitchin little purse!” Petras said with a laugh holding up her tiny, sparkly purse in between songs. During her set, Petras gushed about her love for Minneapolis, “this city is so special to me. This is one of the first cities to play my songs and actually helped to break this album.” Petras set featured Hillside Boys, Heart To Break and more. Petras shared this was her first time playing a major show in Minneapolis but we can only hope it will be the first of many. In fact you can catch Petras as KDWB’s Jingle Ball later this winter right back here in the Twin Cities! 

Headlining the evening was of course none other than Troye Sivan. Sivan emerged on stage through a sliver in the heavy red curtain in a suit that perfectly matched the backdrop. He broke out into Seventeen on a dimly lit stage and the crowd went absolutely wild. There was cell phone camera flashes lighting up the room and screeching screams filling the room. The energy was honestly one of the most intense I’ve felt a show in a while. It was evident the crowd was packed with die hard Sivan fans and they were here for it. As the curtains rose on the stage they revealed the massive risers and staging that Troye Sivan would spend the remainder of his concert running back and forth on. The risers lifted Sivan up over and the crowd and made for a sight that was nothing short of ethereal. Following Seventeen Sivan broke into his massive hit Bloom, the track in which this tour takes it’s name from. “I know we’re only three songs in but you guys are rocking my world,” Sivan said. “This is definitely one of the coldest cities we’ve been to so far on tour. But it’s getting warm in here so you guys must be doing something right,” Sivan went on.

In between songs, Sivan was an engaging performer. He interacted with the crowd, not rushing the set along but taking his time between songs to tell stories about the songs that have come to mean so much to many. “This next is one of the first songs that I wrote when I was like 13 or 14. It was when I was coming out and I was worrying about things no 13 or 14 year old should worry about. Like will I go to heaven? Will I be able to get married? Can I have kids,” Sivan shared. Sivan’s words about his coming out experience clearly struck a chord with so many in the crowd as the crowd erupted in cheers in between Sivan’s story.

Sivan went on to power through his set which featured a mix of songs from both his debut and sophomore album. There was not a single moment during his set that the crowd wasn’t singing or dancing along. Again – there’s some shows you walk into knowing you’re going to have a good time and Sivan’s set was definitely that. There was not a moment I was smiling, dancing or even had tears welling up in my eyes as Sivan shared honest stories from growing up and coming out and becoming the artist he is today. Sivan’s tour continues throughout the fall and we hope to see him back in Minne (as Sivan fondly called it) very soon.

Setlist: Seventeen / Bloom / Plum / Heaven / Fools / Lucky Strike / Wild / Postcard / The Good Side / What a Heavenly Way to Die / Cool / Bite / 1999 / Dance to This / Animal