Soccer Mommy Colors First Avenue Passionately Sunday Night


Photos by Vito Ingerto

The First Avenue Mainroom had a cool, alt rock vibe Sunday night when Soccer Mommy brought their indie inspiration to a packed house. Out supporting color theory, they had Alexalone as their opener. 

First on the stage Sunday night were the five piece Alexalone. Hints of early Yo La Tengo and Sonic Youth could be tasted on the wonderful musical palette served to those lucky enough to arrive early. Clearly gifted musicians, the band gelled beautifully. They took the Mainroom on a journey both tranquil and tumultuous, and brought them home safely. They were joined onstage by a masked guitarist for their last song. Could it have been Soccer Mommy?

Soccer Mommy came on right around 9, and opened with “bloodline” The song definitely had a ’90’s vibe, Semisonic like. A lush, rich aural soundscape, thanks to the three guitar lineup, enveloped the Mainroom. Off of color theory, the song beautifully characterized the blue swimming throughout her veins. Color seemed to be a theme that kept popping up in the setlist Sunday night. “gray light” appeared  in the middle of the set and “yellow is the color of her eyes” to closed the set out. The stage itself was bathed in pastel colors, and the backdrop featured chromatic panels and monitors.

Sophie Allison is a master of articulating emotion in her songs, and “yellow is the color of her eyes was particularly poignant. She deftly leads us through her frame of mind while dealing with a loved ones illness. Allison bares her soul swaddled in masterful arrangements, riff heavy and ethereal. The band consisted of Allison on guitar and vocals, guitarist Julian Powell, bassist Graeme Goetz, with Rollum Haas on the drum kit. They meshed together like they have been touring for years. Allison gave the band a break for “Still Clean” and “Dagger” before bringing them back for an epic “yellow is the color of her eyes”

Soccer Mommy used words and music to paint a colorful, emotional landscape of life in the Mainroom Sunday night.