The Space Force Landed at Prof Outdoors Saturday Night

PROF Outdoors 5


Prof Outdoors 5 returned to The Cabooze on Saturday. The sun was shining, there was a cool fall breeze and the crowd was ready to have a good time. This event always has lots to offer with the headliner being a local rapper, Prof. Riding the high of Prof’s newest album, Pookie Baby, the crowd was ready for some new material but also pumped for Gampo classics. 

The show opened with a local artist named Gaines FM. He released his debut album, The Night Crawler, in 2011 which highlighted his unique and vast style. He opened up the show with lots of energy and bass. Gaines also had a guitarist accompany him on stage for the first half of his set, which made for a dynamic musical performance. He touched on local Twin Cities culture and happenings, which encouraged the crowd’s participation.

Mac Irv, another local artist took the stage shortly after. Willie Wonka motivated the crowd by chanting “Hometown Hero” before he took the stage, which amped up the crowd. Mac Irv hails from the North Side of Minneapolis and his songs reflect his hometown pride. His storytelling style kept the crowd engaged as touched on social issues, attending college, relationships and growing up without a father. Although he touched on some deep subjects he ended his set with energy and flare.

Cashinova, a local Stophouse artist, kept the good vibes rolling with his fast spitting lyrics. His recent collaborations with many Twin Cities favorites like Prof has helped bring him to the limelight. He highlighted his hardships, life and the success that he’s made for himself from hard work. The bass heavy trap styled beats mixed with gritty lyrics made for a fierce performance. The crowd ate it up.

The Chicago rapper Montana of 300 entered the stage with a preference… his squad. Montana debuted his album Fire in the Church in 2016 and it’s been history ever since. The stage presence was undeniable as the hyped crowd moved to the bassy trap beats. At one point in the set a young fan was allowed on stage. He jumped and danced around stage hyping the crowd during Montana’s set. The crowd was into the set from start to finish as Montana and his squad never let the energy die.

Lil B “THE BASEDGOD” strutted on stage to YMCA. The Bay Area rapper was very excited to be in Minneapolis and it was apparent that there were many fans in the crowd. Lil B got his start in the Bay Area group called The Pack with their hit song Vans. He kept the good vibes rolling by reminding the crowd how amazing life is and emphasized positivity. His lighthearted unique style set him apart from most of the other rappers.

Prof opened his set with a space themed message to the fans before “touching down” at the Cabooze. As fans eagerly waited for the man they’ve been waiting to see all night he finally emerged with DJ Willie Wonka fashioned in bright orange space suits. Prof opened with a classic, Rocketman, which certainly got the crowd going. He weaved the space theme throughout the night with funky space inspired animations and video intermissions. 

The Minneapolis Native performed many songs off of his newest album, Pookie Baby but also performed hits off of King Gampo and Liability. Towards the second half of the set the mood changed as Prof showed the crowd the depth of his musicianship. He showed off his vocal versatility by performing RnB focused songs, as well as hip-hop songs. It was no surprise that the crowd would demand an encore when Prof left the stage. He delivered by performing Minneapolis, an ode to his hometown. He finished with Apeshit and with an infamous raft crowd surf.

Saturday night at the Cabooze was filled with good vibes and good hip-hop which made for a great night. I look forward to seeing what Prof has instore for next year.