Skillet Wows the Near SOLD OUT Crowd at the Skyway


The second of huge shows at the Skyway Theatre took place on Friday, September 30th, and I can’t think of a better way to end September!  I figured the show would be busy, but I was not prepared for exactly what that meant.  I got to the Skyway with around 20 minutes left until showtime, but didn’t get to the photo area until about 5 minutes before, so the line getting in was still huge!  Once inside, I had to weave my way through people as the venue floor area was already packed!  It was clear this was a show many had been waiting for!

Devour the Day started out the show and set the pace for the night, and what a pace they set!  If you haven’t caught these guys live, Devour the Day is one band you should put on your list!  They put everything they have into their live performance and the energy they project gets the crowd going and more excited with each song.  It was a treat to see them live again and after talking to a couple of the band members after the show, they are gaining a huge following that only increases after each show!

Next up was Thousand Foot Krutch.  I was excited to see these guys live for the first time, and they certainly did not disappoint!  Right from the first note to the last song, TFK took all the energy that was already in the Skyway and cranked it up even more.  The crowd sang along, danced, and jumped enough that I could feel the floor moving when they did!  The band members used the ample amount of stage they had and were constantly running around.  TFK is definitely a band you are going to want to catch if you missed this show!

After what looked like a difficult stage change, a member of 93X came out and did the introduction for Skillet.  Once the crowd saw the band members taking the stage, the entire venue, which was quite packed by this point, erupted into cheers.  I didn’t think that the energy could get any higher than it was, but I was certainly wrong.  The entire venue roared from all the people cheering and singing along.  There were times when the crowd singing almost overpowered the band!  It was clear that the crowd was getting the performance they had been waiting for from Skillet.  Skillet started out with their latest hit, “Invincible”, and kept the pace fast and heavy for the first few songs.  They slowed it down a bit at times, but went right into songs like “Hero” and “Monster” to pick the pace back up again.  Even the breaks in the music when the band would talk about things was met with cheers.  What stood out to me is watching the entire crowd with their hands up or waving their arms with the band when they were asked to, and I mean everyone.  I didn’t see anyone not participating, which speaks to how dedicated the fans are to Skillet.  This was the second time I have seen Skillet live and they certainly have kept the energy in their show.  I can’t wait to see them again already even though I just saw them.  I can tell that I probably am not the only one after watching the crowd.

It’s nice to cover a high energy show like this one was to fuel the spark that started me on my path to concert photography.  If you are reading this and missed the show, make plans to see them the next time they are in the Minnesota area!  It’s a show you don’t want to miss!  Thanks to 93X for continually bringing quality acts to the Twin Cities area!

As always, get out and support live music and I’ll see you out there!