Ben Rector closes his 2 year tour at the State Theatre


Hailing from Nashville, TN singer-songwriter Ben Rector embarked on “The Biggest Tour I Have Done So Far” to promote his album “Brand New”. How big? Well, “Brand New” was released in 2015, and yesterday saw the end of Rector’s 2-year tour at a sold out State Theatre in Minneapolis.
Starting the evening was Jacob Whiteside a young singer-songwriter from Knoxville, TN, who just released his debut album “Why?” last month. Whitesides got his start on the X Factor and delivered a smooth set that was well received by the audience many of whom were in their seats on time to see him perform – much more so than other shows I have seen the State.

Ben Rector is in frequent rotation on Citie’s 97 – and included in this year’s City Sampler. The crowd was mostly female with some husbands / boyfriends being coaxed along on “Date Night”. Rector took to the stage that was lit with strobes and backlights and the room pretty much erupted in loud cheers. He started seat at the piano but took center stage halfway through “Fear”. His set was a mix of original songs and covers and throughout the entire show, the audience sang along. Ben Rector is a born showman and he gets his fans into the game. Splitting the house between lower and upper levels he directed a sing along (with harmonies), got them dancing with the cha cha slide and use a cowbell to really explore the space.
It may not be my kind of music but this was one of the most interactive and fun shows I have been to in a while. At the end of a long tour Rector and the band were very tight and made the evening feel effortless. Overall a very impressive show.
Set List: Fear / Let The Good Times Roll / Loving You Is Easy / ABC / When a Heart Breaks / Crazy / 30,000 Feet / Sailboat / I Like You / When I’m With You / Forever Like That / I Wanna Dance With Somebody / The Beat / Cha Cha Slide / White Dress Encore: Brand New / The Men That Drive Me Places